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Day 4 of the 2021 Stallion Service Auction

Today was the fourth day of the auction. It’s going well! Almost 75% of the stallions have biddings on them. Especially Grand Galaxy Win gets a lot of biddings. We assume that is caused by the fact that his semen…

Explanation of the Gelders breeding direction

Gelders horse Inspector Wim Versteeg and Gelders breeding council member & former Gelders Breeder of the Year, Jan Vonk, were in the KWPN studio today during the live broadcasting for the Stallion Inspection 2021 to talk about the Gelders Horse….

Three Gelders stallions selected for the performance test

THREE GELDERS STALLIONS SELECTED FOR THE PERFORMANCE TEST. Three stallions entered the ring for the second viewing today for the Gelders breeding direction. They were sired by Elton, Imposant and Recruut. All three stallions were selected for the performance test….

Gelders Horses of North America Part 2 & 3

As before, Liz van Woerden has been traveling all over North America to investigate and report on the Gelders bloodlines in North America.  Click here for her article featured in the KWPN Magazine.   She has written 3 articles so far. …

KWPN Gelders Horse – Article by Liz van Woerden

Olivier (Idocus x Porter) Liesbeth (Liz) van Woerden The Gelders horse has always been a very versatile type of Dutch Warmblood, suitable for everyone and all disciplines. They have originally been bred to be durable and versatile: beginning long ago…

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