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KWPN Books


The KWPN offers four registration options. Upon registration, each KWPN horse is entered in one of the following books: • Foalbook • Register A • Register B • Studbook

Foalbook (vb) generally includes foals

  • by: Approved KWPN stallions, Erkend stallions or Erkend Thoroughbred stallions;
  • out of: KWPN Foalbook, Studbook, Register A, Register B, Auxiliary Foalbook, Auxiliary Studbook or Erkend studbook mares. Horses registered in the Foalbook may be presented for studbook without completing any other requirements.

Register A (Reg A) generally includes foals

  • by: Licensed stallions, stallions from an Erkend studbook
  • out of: KWPN Foalbook, Studbook, Register A, Register B, Auxiliary Foalbook, Auxiliary Studbook, Thoroughbred or Erkend Studbook mares. Register A foals are eligible for keuring premium grading classes. Horses registered in the Register A may be presented for studbook and Ster without any further requirements.  However, to be eligible for Keur and Elite status, further veterinary requirements may need to be completed. These may include radiographs, D-OC and/or performance.

For more detailed information on additional requirements see box.

Register B (Reg B) generally includes foals

  • by: Foalbook or Watchlist KWPN stallions, OR stallions from a Warmblood studbook not Erkend by the KWPN;
  • out of: KWPN Foalbook, Studbook, Register A, Register B, Auxiliary Foalbook, Auxiliary Studbook, Thoroughbred or Erkend Studbook mares OR mares registered with a Warmblood studbook not Erkend by the KWPN. Register B foals cannot enter keuring classes. Register B foals cannot advance to any other book unless the registration status of the lacking parent changes.
  • foals from one KWPN and one Non-Warmblood or unregistered parent.
Auxiliary Foalbook (hvb)

Since 2003 foals have been not been registered in the Auxiliary Foalbook but in either Register A or B. Starting 2008, Auxiliary Foalbook horses can no longer be inspected for Auxiliary Studbook. Auxiliary Foalbook mares that now qualify for Foalbook or Register A because of a change in the registration of the lacking parent, may be eligible for studbook inspection if the requirements are met.

Certificate of Pedigree (CP)

Starting in 2008, Certificate of Pedigree papers are no longer issued and foals instead receive Register B papers.

Outside mares

Mares registered with an Erkend studbook may be eligible to have Foalbook registered foals. Mares registered with an Erkend studbook are also eligible for studbook inspection at age three or older. Pedigrees must be approved, parentage must be proven through DNA typing and they must pass the necessary veterinary and/or performance requirements. Successful outside mares will be entered in the KWPN studbook and have their original registration paper stamped with their KWPN status.

The KWPN also has books into which horses may be accepted:

Studbook (stb)

Foalbook and Register A mares, geldings and stallions are eligible for Studbook Inspection at age three or older. Register A stallions must complete all requirements for approval (radiographs, endoscopy and/or performance). Register A mares and geldings no longer have to meet veterinary requirements in order to be accepted into the Studbook.  Upon successful presen­tation, mares and stallions are accepted into the studbook without any additional requirements. Since geldings are not used for breeding, they cannot enter the Studbookbut can be listed as Studbook Quality.  Foalbook geldings will remain in the Foalbook and Register A geldings will move up to the Foalbook.  Geldings can also earn the ‘Ster Quality’ predicate. All successful horses will receive updated papers and may be branded with the lion brand on the hip.

Auxiliary Studbook (hbs)

Since 2008 horses are no longer accepted into the Auxiliary Studbook.

Additional Requirements for Register A horses or mares from an Erkend Studbook

In order for a Register A mare or a mare from an Erkend studbook to be awarded the Keur and/or Elite predicate, it must meet those requirements the sire did not meet according to KWPN standards. These may consist of any combination of the following:

  • Radiographs (DJD/Navicular)  – if the sire did not pass the KWPN radiograph examination.
  • D – OC – Required for Elite
  • Endoscopy – Beginning in 2018 endoscopy studies are no longer required for mares.
  • Sport – if the sire does not have a Grand Prix sport record.The sport requirement may be met either by passing a KWPN IBOP or by meeting the sport requirements at a minimum of Keur level in the specific breeding direction that the horse is presented in at the keuring.

Stallion Status

Opalina DG (Koning ster IBOP (dp) D-OC x Satina ster pref by Contango pref), Owner/ Breeder: DG Bar Breeders, Photo: Tamara with the Camera

Licensed (L)

These are Foalbook, Register A or Erkend Studbook registered stallions that have been successfully presented for Approval at a KWPN-NA keuring and that have passed the radiograph, endoscopy and semen requirements. Licensed stallions have not yet passed a KWPN performance test (either a 21-Day or a 5-Day test).

Approved (A)

KWPN or Erkend Studbook registered stallions that have successfully been presented for Approval, have passed the KWPN veterinary requirements and performance test requirements. Approved stallions have been accepted into the Studbook.

Outside stallions

Stallions that are registered with a KWPN Erkend studbook. These stallions are considered to be ‘improvement’ sires and are eligible for stallion approval at age three or older. Pedigrees and sport and/or offspring reports must be approved prior to keuring presentation.

The Jockey Club is considered to be an Erkend Studbook. Thoroughbred stallions may be presented for “Erkend” status. They must have their pedigree and performance records approved as a prerequisite for presentation.