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KWPN published breeding values for 2021

Last week, the KWPN published the 2021 breeding values. Breeding values ​​are a practical aid in making your choice of stallion, in which the genetic predisposition of a stallion is bundled. Breeding values ​​are updated every year and the information…

Explanation of the Gelders breeding direction

Gelders horse Inspector Wim Versteeg and Gelders breeding council member & former Gelders Breeder of the Year, Jan Vonk, were in the KWPN studio today during the live broadcasting for the Stallion Inspection 2021 to talk about the Gelders Horse….

Marco Polo – From Maligned to Coveted

Marco Polo – From maligned to coveted Chestnut, date of birth: 1962 height at the withers: 1.58m/ 15.3hh. Foundation stallion Article published on © with thanks to Gert van der Veen who wrote the above article for `in de…

Totilas is not dead, he remains very much alive; column by Jacob Melissen

Edward Gal – Moorlands Totilas Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games Lexington – Kentucky 2010 © DigiShots Totilas is not dead, he remains very much alive. Click here to enjoy this column by Jacob Melissen originally published by hoefslag. Translation by…

Harness Horse Stallions and Their Offspring In Sports

KWPN breeding goal for harness horses is clear: we want to breed harness horses that can perform at the highest level in show sports.

Wednesday’s Facts: Grand Prix brings Grand Prix

The highest level, that is what breeding is all about. But of all the foals born in a year, only a small amount will perform at the top. Character, attitude, health, a functional conformation, environmental factors and the right package…

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