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Young Horse Classes

DG Bar Cup for Young Dressage Horses

Above photos: L Primo DG Prok, D-OC (Bordeaux x Satina Ster Pref by Contango Pref), Photo: Tamara with the Camera; Koning DG  (Bordeaux x Darcy CL keur by Jazz pref), Photo: Tamara with the Camera; Jett MVS ster IBOP (dr) (Bretton Woods x Lumara keur pref prest sport (dr) x Flemmingh pref), Photo:

The DG Bar Cup is sponsored by DG Bar Ranch and is a competition for three-, four-, five/six- and seven/eight year old horses. Gaits, rideability, balance, rhythm, suppleness and the ability to collect and extend are some of the factors that are considered as the horses perform. Entrants may sign up for either the IBOP or the DG Bar Cup, or for both.

Global Equine Sires Cup

Above photos: Lyonesse ster k/elig (Fandango HX x Brown Eyed Girl by Schonfelder PS), Photo: Erin Gilmore; Kolanda P Ster, K Elig (Vigo D’Arsouilles x Rolanda Pref Elite PROK EPTM (Sp) D-OC by Ahorn, Pref) Photo: Prima Equestrian; Fleur de Lis keur IBOP/sp (Riverman ISF x Platina by Piano II), Photo: Naimark Photography

Starting 2017, Global Equine Sires is sponsoring the Global Equine Sires Cup. The GES Cup is a free-jumping competition for horses two through four years of age and starting in 2018 an Under Saddle Class for horses 5-8 was added as well. Entrants may sign up for the Global Equine Sires Cup only or in combination with their studbook inspection and IBOP.