The KWPN Predicate system

June 22, 2023

The KWPN Predicate system


The predicate system of the KWPN is unique: there is no other studbook that distinguishes between the qualities of her mares this way.

We distinguish between the following predicates:
Keur eligible
Ibop (and EPTM in the Netherlands )
Sport (through sports performance)
Preferent (through offspring at inspections)
Prestatie (through offspring in sports)

Each predicate has a different meaning and has different requirements to actually get the predicate. Some predicates can only be obtained if another predicate is already ‘in the pocket’ like Ibop or EPTM for Keur and Keur + PROK or D-OC for Elite. These predicates give a lot of information to breeders and owners.
Below we have pictured the criteria for the predicates per breeding direction, with a step-by-step trajectory that a horse has to go through to obtain them all.
More info on predicates on THIS page of our website.