Final exams of KWPN Spring Performance test brings 19 approved stallions

April 25, 2023

Final exams of KWPN Spring Performance test brings 19 approved stallions


Yesterday, the final presentation of the KWPN Spring Performance test took place in Ermelo, The Netherlands, for the jumping stallions, the dressage stallions and the Gelders stallions. We’ve translated the KWPN news articles and will post the reports per breeding direction on our page separately for you, starting with the Jumper stallions.

The Final exam of the Spring performance test for the jumpers resulted in twelve approved stallions. Jan and Willem Greve’s ‘On The Spot’ (by Diamant de Semilly) turned out to be the top scoring stallion with 88.5 points. The Stallion selection committee consisting of Cor Loeffen, Wout-Jan van der Schans and Eric van der Vleuten approved eight 3-year-old and four 4-year-old stallions.
Two 4-year-old stallions really stood out. In terms of points it became a close finish between top scorer On The Spot (Diamant de Semilly out of Kathelien W keur IBOP-spr by Cornet Obolensky) owned and bred by Jan and Willem Greve from Haaksbergen/Markelo, and the Baltic VDL- son Boston VDL (out of Jeune Dame VDL ster by Zirocco Blue VDL), owned by VDL Stud. With nines for canter, reflexes, scope, rideability and aptitude as a showjumper, the genetically interesting On The Spot scored 88.5 points.
Boston VDL came close to that and achieved a nice score of 87.5 points, with nines for his canter, scope, rideability and aptitude as a showjumper. “I have already been through quite a few performance tests, but I have to say that these two stallions really tempted me to take place in the saddle again myself. Both stallions are very comfortable to ride and show a lot of talent as a showjumping horse”, explained Cor Loeffen.
The 4-year-old Hermantico- son Ormantico (out of Dark Princess elite EPTM-spr PROK by Chin Chin, bred by A.M. Reuzenaar from Schaijk), owned by Herman Seiger, was also registered with a good score. This light-footed stallion who jumps with very good leg technique, obtained a total of 83.5 points.
The premium stallion Popino-Larus, now renamed Prophet (Gaspahr out of Tina-Laris stb prest PROK by Voltaire, bred by Jan Hoppenbrouwers from Weert) joined the 3-year-olds with a top score of 86 points. He is owned by Parco Sport Horses Est from Schaan since the KWPN Select Sale. With a 9 for canter and 8.5s for all other jumping components, he achieved a wonderful final report. With 82 points, premium stallion Power of Zsazsa (Kannan Jr. out of Zsa Zsa elite IBOP-spr sport-spr pref prest PROK by Sam R), bred by Carin Huisman-Holst from Mookhoek and co-registered with family Kramer from Oud-Beijerland and Sjaak van der Lei from Sint-Michielsgestel, also performed convincingly.
In total, nine of the twelve stallions are registered with a score of 80 points or higher, which means that the quality was high in this performance test.

The five dressage stallions that were participating in the final exams of the KWPN Spring performance test were all approved with good points. The most complete stallion was Torvenslettens Sylvester- son Pernod RS2 with 85.5 points.
The stallion selection committee consisted of chairman Bert Rutten, Johan Hamminga and Wouter Plaizier. “The spring performance test started a month earlier than usual this year, but that did not hold these young stallions back from achieving a good result,” said the chairman.
Four of the five stallions scored 80 points or higher. With nines for walk and canter, Pernod RS2 (Tørveslettens Sylvester out of Iveniz Texel RS2 ster PROK by Negro), bred by RS2 Dressage Center De Horst BV from Groesbeek, achieved the highest score of 85.5 points. “This uphill moving stallion has a lot of front leg technique and three good to very good basic gaits. When he is relaxed, he walks very well and always spacious, active and pure. In trot he remains well balanced and the image is always uphill by nature. His canter is uphill, with a lot of impulsion and he moves nicely towards the hand of the rider.”
With 84.5 points, the Hermès son Patheon (out of Watradin ster PROK by San Remo, breeder Thijs Schaap from Woudrichem), owned by Joop van Uytert and Anchor Excellent Horses BV from Woerden, also presented himself very well. He got a 9 for his walk. “This is also a very pleasant horse to work with. He has a very good suspension moment in the trot, he can switch gears well and can be worked easily. He performed the same every day. His walk has clearly improved within this examination and is very pure, spacious and active. In the canter he can easily come back on the hind leg and he trots nicely upward from the hind leg.”
The movement and work ethic of the other registered stallions was also positively noticed.

The two 4-year-old Gelders stallions that were taking part in the Spring performance test, have both earned their breeding license with good points. At the end of their exams they were joined by Ojee-B (by Ibsen B), who was registered as breeding stallion last year but needed to show his under saddle part of the exam. He received good marks too and is now definitively approved.
The stallion selection committee Gelders Horse, consisting of chairman Marloes van der Velden, Jan Pen and Arie Hamoen, were able to enter two Gelders stallions in the stallion book this morning during the final exam of the spring performance test.
One of the two registered Gelders stallions is the premium stallion Olaf Official (Henkie out of Diamant ster by Sirius, breeder G.J.W. Roerdinkholder from Winterswijk Kotten). The stallion received a 9 for the walk, 8s for the trot and caution in jumping, 8.5s for the canter, posture, the riding terrain, rideability, attitude and suitability as a dressage horse. Olaf Official received a 7.5 for the jumping technique and suitability as a showjumping horse. “Olaf Official is a more than sufficiently developed stallion who stands more than sufficiently in the Gelders type. He is an honest, reliable stallion that is eager, with a very good attitude and a good willingness to work.”, said jury chairman Marloes van der Velden.
The Vigaro son Obrian (out of Hacomijn ster PROK by W V Saron, breeder: H. ter Horst from Vragender) received good marks especially for jumping. He received an 8.5 for technique, eights for caution, the terrain test, attitude and aptitude as a showjumping horse. The stallion received a 7.5 for his walk and canter and a 7.5 for his trot, self carriage, rideability and suitability as a dressage horse. “We added Obrian to the performance test, because the stallion can add jumping genes within the Gelders population. This stallion has therefore been tested a little more on jumping. Obrian is a generously developed, long-lined stallion with a more than sufficient Gelders type. He is an honest stallion, he is easy to ride and has a good attitude and more than sufficient desire to work.”
The 4-year-old stallion Ojee-B (Ibsen B out of Jorien Tilde PROK elite IBOP by Rubus B, bred by G.S.W. te Bokkel from Eerbeek), who successfully finished the performance test last autumn, has recently been assessed under saddle in the run-up to his full approval. He received positive report marks today and is therefore definitively approved now by the KWPN. For the walk under the saddle and his attitude, Ojee-B received an 8. The stallion received an 8.5 for the trot, canter and suitability as a dressage horse. His posture earned him even a 9. For jumping, the son of Ibsen-B received a 7 for technique and a 7.5 for caution and suitability as a jumper.

Approved Jumper stallions:

Cornet Obolensky x Argentinus
Hardrock Z x Nabab de Reve
Kallmar VDL x Harley VDL
Kannan Jr x Sam R
Panenka de Kalvarie x Vigo D’Arsouilles
Vigo D’Arsouilles x Indoctro
Gaspahr x Voltaire
Kitt SB x Vagabond de la Pomme
Baltic VDL x Zirocco Blue VDL
Hermantico x Chin Chin
Diamant de Semilly x Cornet Obolensky
Tobago Z x Chellano Z

Approved dressage stallions:

Desperado x Negro
Hermès x San Remo
Le Formidable x Vivaldi
Tørvenslettens Sylvester x Negro
Total US x Ferro

Approved Gelders stallions

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Approved VDL stallions performance test spring 2023