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Members’ Committee

Tracy Geller (VA)


Occupation:  Client Service Liaison,  Managing Owner – Six Pound Farm LLC.

KWPN-NA Activities: Tracy has been a member since 2007, and she currently serves as the Chair of the Member’s Committee of which she has been a member of since her appointment to the MC in 2015.  She has been a Keuring host, organizer and mentor for new hosts several times.  She has participated at multiple annual meetings and attended several KWPN Stallion shows in Holland. Tracy is a co-administrator on the KWPN- NA Facebook page and member group, has worked on several Stallion Service and Annual General Meeting Auctions, edited and published the “Reports from the Road” for our keuring tours, assisted with the recent KWPN NA website upgrade and was the awarded the “Tony de Groot Member of the Year” for 2020.

Background:  Tracy has been breeding on a small scale since 1998, and has fine tuned her program to focus on producing top quality KWPN horses for the jumping sport.  She believes strongly in continued education and improvement of the breeding direction.  She has attended several North American Stallion sport testings as well as the Hanoverian Verband Breeders course in Germany. She has bred several 1st premium and Top 5 KWPN foals, and has earned the KWPN NA Bronze Level Breeder award.  Her older foals have gone into sport in the Hunters, Jumpers and Eventing disciplines; ridden and enjoyed by professionals and amateurs.  She is also an accomplished amateur photographer, and has an interest in graphic and website/media design. She works for her local municipality, and manages a 26 acre farm in Southeastern Virginia with her husband.
Tracy brings to the Members Committee a strong work ethic, effective leadership skills and a diverse, professional background in customer service and communication.  She takes initiative to accomplish tasks and has a progressive outlook on organizational growth, marketing and overall member satisfaction.

Carly Fisher (MA)

Occupation:  Professional Hunter/Jumper trainer, KWPN Breeder, and owns and operates Clarion Farm in Franklin, MA.

KWPN-NA activities: KWPN-NA member for 6 years. Attended 3 KWPN-NA annual meetings. Attended the KWPN Stallion Show in Holland in 2017. Hosted a keuring in 2014. Participated in 6 keurings with her KWPN horses. Received many first premiums and 3 Top 5 KWPN-NA awards.

Background:  Carly rode since the age of 8 and has owned horses since 11. She has trained and shown her own horses in MA and WI for the hunter, jumper, and equitation divisions. She spent her Jr years retraining off the track thoroughbreds as hunter/jumper show horses. She worked in Wellington starting as a groom and then moved up to Barn Manager and Assistant Trainer at a large show stable. She turned professional at 20 years old. Carly has worked and shown on both the East and West coasts. She has been at large shows including WEF, HITS Indio & Saugerties, Thunderbird Show Park, The Vermont Summer Festival, etc. She has owned and operated her own farm in Franklin, MA since 2006, offering a riding school, board and training services. She coaches at the Interscholastic and Intercollegiate levels, hosts an IEA Riding Team and coaches the Wheaton College Equestrian Team. Carly regularly clinics with top riders/trainers in both Dressage and Jumping. She plans on competing in dressage in the future.

Carly started her breeding program in 2013 for hunters and jumpers and recently expanded with a couple of dressage broodmares.

She shows her young horses in both USEF Hunter and USDF Dressage Breeding shows. She has also served as a Region President for IEA Zone 1 and sits on the IEA Zone 1 Education Committee. This past year she has been involved in the formation of an official Agricultural Commission in the Town of Franklin, MA. She would love to bring her experience and perspective to the Members Committee and help promote the KWPN-NA.

Kathy Hickerson (NH)

Occupation: Retired Astronautical Engineer and Software Manager. Breeding KWPN horses full time.  Owner of Majestic Gaits and partner with VDL Stud distributing their frozen semen from Holland.

KWPN-NA activities: Member since 1984 and has participated in keurings annually since that time and hosted 2 keurings.  Attended almost all the annual KWPN-NA meetings since 2001.  She started Holland tours at the KWPN Stallion Show in Holland.  This included meetings with the KWPN, which led to the now KWPN International Meeting at the annual KWPN Stallion show.  Hosted and ran the KWPN-NA booth at Equine Affaire in Massachusetts from 1999-2005, 2012.  She was KWPN-NA member of the year in 2010 and breeder of the year in 2012.  Kathy is current chair of the KWPN-NA Stallion Committee and member of the KWPN-NA Members Committee.

Background: Kathy owns and operates Majestic Gaits in Brookline, NH.  She breeds both dressage and jumpers. She has bred many #1 KWPN-NA horses in the keurings, star, keur, elite and sport mares.  She currently stand 3 stallions at stud, Schroeder, Navarone and Dante MG.  Kathy Is a KWPN-NA Gold level breeder.

Kathy has been a Director on the New England Dressage Association (NEDA) Board for over 20 years. She managed the members database and grew the membership to almost 2000 members.  She established the NEDA Sporthorse Director position and established the New England USDF Breed Show Series and Championships. She oversees the prestigious NEDA Stallion auction providing funds for breeder/owner education, scholarships and awards.  She is an active member of the NEDA Fall Festival CDI and Breed Show Championships which is the biggest Dressage show in America.  She attends the USDF Annual meetings every year as a GMO delegate and has served on the USDF Members Committee and USDF Sporthorse Committee.  She has had many USDF top Horses of the Year (HOY), participated in the USDF Young Horse National Dressage Championships and National Dressage Championships.  She has also bred horses in Holland that have been named high scoring jumpers of their testing, star, keur and invited and sold at the elite Borculo auction.  Kathy believes in supporting American breeders through education, promotion and awards.

Kathy is also an active member of the USEF Sporthorse Committee.

Erika Sentz

Occupation: Manager of Marketing Technology, Manager – Ashcombe Sporthorses, LLC at Flower Farm.

KWPN-NA Activities: Erika has been involved in the breeding, development, showing and sales of KWPN horses over the last 10+ years. The program at Flower Farm has bred and produced several KWPN Sport predicate recipients, 1st premium and Top 5 KWPN foals, KWPN stallion Vinca, as well as year-end award recipients on the line and under saddle with the USEF, USDF and USHJA. Erika has attended several Keurings with the KWPN-NA.

Background: Erika’s passion is breeding and developing horses for sport in North America, as she believes successful KWPN-NA horses are the best advertising asset! Erika has ridden and shown Hunter, Jumper and Dressage horses for more than 16 years, and has worked for programs both in the United States and Germany. Ashcombe Sporthorses, LLC is a Bronze Level breeder and currently stands Vinca at stud. Erika is also an experienced digital marketing professional, with a background in brand and web design, local marketing and digital advertising.

Erika has the goal of helping to increase fellow competitor and breeder participation within the organization—especially those in the Hunter/Jumper ring who may not understand the value of membership or all the KWPN-NA has to offer.

Cheryl Mayberry (ON)

Through Prima Equestrian, Cheryl has been closely involved with the keuring process, both as an organizer and as a horse owner. She rides, shows and manages the Prima Equestrian keurings.

Cheryl has served 2 terms on the Executive Board of Toronto CADORA, a volunteer based executive team dedicated to educating amateur riders and owners to all the aspects of dressage. She has also volunteered at CARD (Community Association for Riding for the Disabled). Cheryl is a Senior Project Manager for Bell Canada in the IT system development organization. Her knowledge and IT skills have already benefited the organization.

She provides the KWPN-NA with technical advice regarding the new breeding database and this new website. She is a team player and has a total commitment to providing her best energies to benefit the KPWN-NA membership.

Stallion Committee

Anna Beal


Occupation: Licensed Land Surveyor and current supervisor for Orange County Public Works.

KWPN-NA activities: Member since 1997. Has attended five Annual Meetings and keurings since 1997.
Anna has served on the MC for eight years, and has been its Chairman. She coordinates the Silent Auction at the Annual Meetings and is a member of the Stallion Committee. She is also responsible for the e-News. She promotes the KWPN-NA horse through her own success in the show ring and by sponsoring awards.

Background: As a rider, Anna has a very diverse background, including hunters, jumpers, eventers, race horses and dressage (USDF Bronze and Silver medalist). She has received the 2010 Region 7 Gifted Foundation Scholarship. A small breeder, her Capote received the 2008 USDF Reserve Championship for Colts/Geldings for the West Coast Series, and her Willa was the 2009 Southern California Adult Amateur at First Level Champion. Capote was the 2011 KWPN-NA North American Reserve Champion Dressage Gelding.

Liesbeth (Liz) Van Woerden


Occupation: PR/Social Media Manager KWPN-NA

KWPN-NA activities: Stallion Committee


Liz is from the Netherlands but living in Arizona until June 2022 while her husband works as a pilot on Luke AFB. Liz is a photographer and writer. In regards to the KWPN and Dutch warmbloods, she is especially very passionate about the Gelders horse. “The Gelders horse, one of the foundation breeds of the Dutch warmblood, is officially recognized as a rare breed. I’ve bred only one, but have ridden many. I am involved with the type for many years now, connecting with breeders, reading a lot and always trying to learn as much as I can about them. Besides that, I actively try to promote them. For that reason, I’ve done a photo- project about the classical Dutch warmblood in 2018 in The Netherlands, mainly focussed on Gelders horses. During the project, I started a Facebook page called ‘Krachtpatsers’ which turned into a large platform for fans of classical Dutch warmbloods from all over the world. During my time living in the USA, I found more Gelders horses, many of which I visited. I helped set up the ‘International Gelders Horse Alliance’ and try to really keep track on how the Gelders horses are doing internationally. One of my most important goals is to get Gelders breeders and owners to work together in maintaining this special type for the future. One of the actions I took in this aspect, is buying a colt that I keep as a stallion prospect for the Gelders direction. He is bred by Deborah Harrison of Lio Lomas Dutch warmbloods, and carries the rare Gelders bloodlines of her stallion IJsselmeer and Zooloog. I really hope he will be good enough to be presented to the judges for licensing, so his unique DNA can be passed onto future generations.”

One of Liz’s degrees is in Language and Communication, therefore she is trained in translating articles from Dutch to English. “I love to make myself useful to the KWPN- NA breeders in translating relevant information, articles and online posts, and will be available to all the KWPN- NA members for translation- questions. I also love stats and numbers, so I provide regular overviews of data too. Furthermore, I hope to get more breeders interested in joining the KWPN- NA and coming to Keurings. One of the things I think would be very nice is offering webinars and such, with information on interesting subjects related to Dutch warmbloods.”

Bill Duffy

Occupation: Coming Soon

Vicky Castegren

Occupation: Owner and operator of Hyperion Stud, LLC since 2009

Background: Vicky began in the industry as a rider who eventually moved into the breeding business full time in 2009. She now runs and operates Hyperion Stud, a breeding, stallion and training station in the heart of Virginia horse country.

KWPN-NA Activities: Long time breeder and owner of Dutch horses. Owner of Olympic KWPN stallion Imothep (Werner H), KWPN Approved stallion Dakota VDL and the 2015 Horse of the Year. She has been a Stallion Committee member since 2013.

Judy Reggio

Judy has been involved with horses most of her life. She holds a BS in Physical Education, was a US Pony Club Board Member, as well being a member of USDF, USEF, USET, USCTA, several regional dressage & eventing organizations, the NAWPN and the NAWPN Advisory Committee. She is also on the Board of Directors of the Meadow Brook Hounds PC. But most of all, Judy is a “people person” who enjoys sharing her knowledge.

Judy has bred and worked with Dutch horses since 1989. She has bred numerous Top Ten offspring and been nominated for Breeder of the Year. She imports frozen semen from Holland and goes to the KWPN Stallion Show whenever possible. She has attended most Annual Meetings and Keuringen. She has been an active contributor, promoter, supporter and member and is passionate about Dutch horses.

Judy knows where this organization has been and knows the potential for the future and hopes her knowledge and ideas can help the KWPN-NA grown and maximize its potential.

Judy Reggio

Tish Quirk

Occupation: coming soon

KWPN-NA activities: coming soon

Background: coming soon

Justine Wilson

Occupation: coming soon

KWPN-NA activities: coming soon

Background: coming soon

Roles and Responsibilities of the Members’ Committee

Judging an IBOP at a keuring
Photo: Yellow Horse Marketing

  • To act as the nomination committee for the positions on the Board of Directors. To seek, to accept members’ nominations and to interview prospective Board members.
  • To make appropriate recommendations to the Board for taking corporate action.
  • To represent the wishes of the membership and to communicate this with the Board.
  • To assist the Board in special committee work.
  • To assist in the coordination and organization of annual keuringen and meetings.
  • To identify marketing and advertising needs across the membership base.
  • To identify education needs and topics for the membership.
  • To assist in the awards program and identify shows across the U.S. and Canada that should be recognized in the awards program.
  • To act as a liaison between the membership and the Board.
  • To assist and act upon member grievances and suggestions.

Roles and Responsibilities of  the Stallion Committee

We would like to announce the formation of the KWPN-NA Stallion Owners Committee. The purpose of the Stallion Owners Committee is to promote the KWPN Stallion with emphasis on KWPN Stallions standing in North America. The Committee’s focus will be to:

  • Address the unique concerns of the KWPN-NA stallion owners
  • Promote the KWPN stallion throughout North America
  • Enhance the Stallion Service Auction.

The Stallion Owners Committee will work with the KWPN-NA Board of Directors on any/all issues pertaining to KWPN stallion owners and KWPN semen distributors.

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