Report from the KWPN Stallion Show – Jumping

February 8, 2024

Report from the KWPN Stallion Show – Jumping


Report from the KWPN Stallion Show – Jumping

Pictures by Dirk Caremans for KWPN | Videos by Liz van Woerden for KWPN-NA 

Selected stallions 

On the first day of the Second viewing, 19 young stallions were selected for the Performance test, of which four Premium stallions. There were also three older stallions: two were invited for the 21 day test, and Cape Coral RBF Z was invited to do the 5-day character test for full approval.

Aranix Rising Z (Aganix du Seigneur x Echo van ‘t Spieveld)
Picture credit: Dirk Caremans for KWPN

On the second day of the Second viewing, 28 stallions were selected of which two received Premium status. This makes the total come to 50 selected stallions and six Premium stallions.
The Premium stallions are: 
  • Always Remember Jack VDL Z (Aganix du Seigneur x For Pleasure)
  • Raikkonen LK (Landino VDL x Zirocco Blue VDL)
  • R (Mattias x Guidam)
  • Ramazotti vd Watermolen (United Touch x Dakar VDL)
  • Ringo Starr (O’Neill van ‘t Eigenlo x Numero Uno)
  • Caribou vd Dassenheide (Carabis Z x Diamant de Semilly)
Find all the results HERE.

You can rewatch both the First and Second viewing On Demand via this link:

Get a small impression of the selected stallions with this compilation video:

KWPN Jumping Horse of the Year 

Members all over the world have voted for Highway TN N.O.P. as KWPN Horse of the Year 2023. He was awarded at the Stallion Show with his rider Willem Greve. “It’s so special when you feel like a horse wants to do anything for you and always gives his all, he is a real fighter and super competitive,” Willem said. It’s the second year in a row that a Team Nijhof horse wins this title, and the seventh time in history. Last year, Grandorado TN N.O.P. won the Title KWPN Horse of the Year, also with Willem Greve.

Highway TN N.O.P. KWPN Jumping Horse of the Year
Picture by Dirk Caremans for KWPN

Highway TN was bred by P. Verdellen from Horst, by Eldorado van de Zeshoek out of Zelana by Chellano. He already stood out for his talent at a young age and made all expectations come true. He jumped his first big show at the European Championships in Milan, where he ended up in tenth place. He competed in the Nations Cup, in The Big prize of Rotterdam and in the World Cup at Jumping Amsterdam the weekend before he won the second place.

With both Grandorado and Highway, Willem is serious competition for the other riders at the Olympics in Paris. “I am so grateful for the owners of Grandorado and Highway,” Willem explains. “They had many offers on both of them, but they always refuse, to maintain the horses for Dutch sport and breeding.” N.O.P. stands for ‘Dutch Olympic Horse’, which is actually a Foundation and a project of the Dutch Equestrian Federation in partnership with the Dutch Olympic Committee. Their goal is to keep top performance horses for the Olympic disciplines in The Netherlands for Dutch riders to campaign.

After the sash was put around his neck, the speeches, the flowers handed to Willem and the pictures were taken, Willem and Highway went around the arena excitedly with laud applause from the excited crowd.

The video of the Award Ceremony:

Stallion Competition – Class L (1.10m)

He was the only stallion that managed to have only clear rounds during all the selection competitions for the Stallion Competition: Boston VDL (Baltic VDL x Zirocco Blue VDL), bred and owned by VDL Stud and ridden by Cristel Kalf. They were the clear overall winner. The fastest time of the day went to Oosterbuur (Etoulon VDL x Cornado I) bred by A. Baumann and Kees Greve. The second prize in the Stallion Competition with only one penalty point for time went to Willem Greve and On the Spot (Diamant de Semilly x Cornet Obolensky), owned and bred by Jan Greve. Third in the Competition was O’Connor TN (Ogano Sitte x Acord II) bred by Eder and Kars Bonhof.

Boston VDL by Baltic VDL x Zirocco Blue VDL
Picture credit: Dirk Caremans for KWPN

For all the results, see THIS result sheet.

Stallion Competition – Class M (1.20m)

The Championship title in the M Class was also for a VDL horse: New Pleasure VDL won this title very convincingly by having zero penalty points and all clear

New Pleasure VDL (For Pleasure x Diamant de Semilly)
Picture credit: Dirk Caremans for KWPN

rounds during the whole Competition.

New Pleasure VDL (For Pleasure x Diamant de Semilly) was bred by the De Martelaere family and ridden by Hessel Hoekstra. Night Life VDL (Erco van ‘t Roosakker x Arezzo VDL) was  his biggest competitor this Competition: with David Gill he jumped extremely well and became second overall. He also won the third time of the day at only 0.02 seconds difference with the number two. The third overall Competition winner was Newmarket VM (Chaccoon Blue x Numero Uno), bred by Paul van Montfort and ridden by Kars Bonhof.

The day winner was Sambucci de Muze (Hunter’s Scendro x Vigo d’Arsouilles) bred and owned by Joris de Brabander and co-owned by VDL Stud. This Belgian Warmblood stallion wasn’t approved until the fall, so he couldn’t compete in the full Competition and therefor couldn’t compete for the Championship title. He was invited for the Performance test through the Blom Cup this summer.

For a list with all the results, click HERE.


Video of New Pleasure winning the jump-off during the Stallion Competition in Groningen, January 2nd, and the victory lap at the KWPN Stallion Show:

Stallion Competition – Class Z (1.30m)

VDL Stud was also in charge of the 1.30m class: Stargos VDL (Stakkato Gold x Conthargos) and his rider Hessel Hoekstra remained invincible. They won

Stargos VDL (Stakkato Gold x Conthargos)
Picture credit: Dirk Caremans for KWPN

the 1.20m class last year as well and managed to win all the selection rides this Competition with clear rounds. “It’s absolutely an incredible horse,” Hessel says full of enthusiasm. “He is so careful and his mindset is just unbelievable. I need to be careful with him, so he won’t get hurt, that’s all I need to keep in mind.”

The second place in the Competition was for Defender VDS Z (Dominator Z x Padinus), bred by Van der Schaar and owned by H.C. Verhagen. He was ridden by Marco Sas and he jumped impressively to a third place in the day prize. Defender also had his first son selected for the performance test on this same day.

Third place in the overall ranking was for Menno H (Stakkato Gold x Baloubet du Rouet), bred and owned by Pieter van Hees. Joep van der Kampen rode him very well during the whole competition but unfortunately they hit a penalty today.

For the list of results, click HERE.



Video of Stargos winning the jump-off at the KWPN Stallion Show:

Carambole Preferent, Grand Slam VDL & Untouchable Keur 

The twenty-year-old Carambole Keur retired from sport last year, but appeared in the ring one more time at the KWPN Stallion Show with his regular rider Willem Greve. Accompanied by the song ‘Simply the best’ by Tina Turner, Greve entered in the saddle of Carambole, taking off his cap as a symbol of respect.
The Cassini I son Carambole, out of the mare Normandie VI (by Concerto II) was born in Holstein, in the stables of the well-known Jens Ritters. Carambole was approved at the age of four with high scores in the performance test. The stallion was successful at the highest level in the sport with Greve for many years.
Carambole has four KWPN approved sons, Fibonacci, Forsyth, Gerardus and Haynes GH and the recently recognized stallion Cote D’Or Z and two approved grandsons Lingo van de Watermolen and Mees van de Watermolen. Senior Inspector Henk Dirksen explains: “The stallion inspection committee is of the opinion that Carambole has meant a lot to Dutch jumping sport and, in addition to international Grand Prix offspring, also has several approved sons and good breeding daughters. That is why Carambole deserves the Preferent status.”
Unfortunately, breeder and owner Gerard Korbeld could not be present in the Brabanthallen. Jan Greve and Gradus Post, the men who discovered Carambole in the fall of 2007, were present at the official ceremony on behalf of Korbeld. With a long rein, Willem Greve rode the very fit Carambole in the lap of honor, while getting a standing ovation from the audience.

Carambole Preferent (Cassini I x Concerto II)
Picture credit: Dirk Caremans for KWPN

The thirteen-year-old Grand Slam VDL has been successfully ridden in the sport for years by the Brazilian rider Marlon Modolo Zanotelli, who also presented the stallion in Den Bosch. Grand Slam VDL is a son of Cardento, bred by Frans Kenis out of the mare Wonder AS Prestatie (by Heartbreaker Preferent).
Grand Slam VDL was purchased as a foal by the Van de Lageweg family of the VDL-Stud from Bears, who successfully presented him at the stallion inspection as a three-year-old. In the same year, Grand Slam VDL was approved by the KWPN with high points (90 points) and a 9.5 for reflexes and technique and several nines on his list of marks.
Grand Slam VDL has two KWPN approved sons in Legend VDP and Paddington vd Marshoeve. Grand Slam VDL is eligible for the Keur predicate, in the words of Henk Dirksen: “Because the stallion has been performing successfully at the highest level in the sport for years now. In addition, his eldest, eight-year-old offspring are doing very well in sports. Hopefully we will see Grand Slam VDL in action this summer with Marlon at the Olympic Games in Paris.”
The gray stallion Untouchable is 23 years old and still in excellent health. The stallion was brought in by hand with the orange sash proudly around his pure white neck. Untouchable (Van Hors la Loi out of Promesse Elite Prestatie Sport (spr) PROK by Heartbreaker Preferent) was bred by Willem van Hoof from Biest-Houtakker and was successful at the highest level in the sport with Daniel Deusser.
Several offspring are successful in the sport at 1.60 Grand Prix level.
Two sons of Untouchable have been approved: Jagger SRK and No Jokes ACM, as well as grandson Heart Touch. Untouchable’s influence on international show jumping breeding is great: for example, the stallions United Touch S and Uricas van de Kattevennen are his grandsons. The fact that Untouchable has a high percentage of offspring at the highest level in the sport was reason for the Stallion Inspection Committee to give Untouchable the Keur predicate. In the lap of honor Untouchable showed that he still has enough spirit. A canter in hand came easy to him. What a special moment for everyone involved and the audience!

VHO Trophy 

The VHO Trophy was won by Lambada Shake AG (Aganix du Seigneur x Spartacus) bred by Alex Gisbertz and ridden by Pieter Keunen. Seven stallions competed

Lambada Shake AG (Aganix du Seigneur x Spartacus)
Picture credit: Dirk Caremans for KWPN

in this Cup, where the winner takes home a check of 2500 euro and a camera System sponsored by Acaris Horse Protector. Five of the ten stallions competed in the jump-off. The number two was La Costa ES (Mosito van het Hellehof x Cumano) bred and owned by Egbert Schep and ridden by Frank Schuttert. The number three was Je Suis Equus Tame (Qlassic Bois Margot x Quaprice Z) bred and owned by SNC Brohier and ridden by Ebba Danielsson.

Lambada Shake is owned by Jan van Meever, Joy Lammers and HX Breeding. “Lambada deserves this victory,” his rider Pieter Keunen says. “And to be honest, I think I deserve it too! I have competed this cup often, but never won. It’s so great that it worked out this time. It’s because of Lambada’s attitude, his temperament, his quality and scope. I think he has it in him to become a top jumper. His willingness is what a jumper needs.” Lambada Shake had two sons presented in the Second viewing, that were both selected for the Performance test as well.


Video of Lambada Shake winning the jump-off at the KWPN Stallion Show:


Jumper Broodmare of the Year

For the first time in history, the KWPN was awarding ‘Broodmares of the Year’ in every breeding direction this year. The first Jumper Broodmare of the Year award went to Benthe (For Pleasure x Voltaire). She has produced eight international jumper, of which two 1.60m horses: Naomi van het Keizershof and Bonita van het Keizershof. She therefore caries the valuable prestatie predicate. She is the half sister of the Grand Prix horse Sjoeke (by Calvados) that performed with Olivier Philippaerts and the international 1.50m jumper Firkov du Rouet (by Baloubet du Rouet) with Eric Lamaze. Benthe was bred by Wim Kuypers and is now owned by Leon Otten in Belgium. Besides the award, he also received a Birth Watch camera system.

Breeders and owners of the Broodmare of the Year: Benthe Prestatie (For Pleasure x Voltaire) Picture credit: Dirk Caremans for KWPN

Select Sale 

Back at the Stallion Show this year: the Select Sale or Live Auction. Nineteen stallions were auctioned live and at the same time online, by Frederik de Backer. The most expensive stallion in the Select Sale Auction was Mad Max Z (Mattias x Clinton), who was sold for 72,000 euro. He comes from the dam line of Highway TN and was sold to a Dutch buyer. Reaction W (by Chacco Blue) was sold for 42,000 euro. Reflex van de Watermolen (by Mees van de Watermolen) was sold for 40,000 euro. For all the prices and horses in the auction, see THIS page.

115, Mad Max Z
KWPN Hengstenkeuring – ’s Hertogenbosch 2024
© Hippo Foto Media – Dirk Caremans

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