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May 21, 2021

KWPN Regulation changes


Changes to various regulations


Various changes to regulations were proposed in the Members’ Council meeting on Wednesday the 21st of April. The Members Council agreed with the proposed changes. The amended regulations will be published on the KWPN website as soon as possible. Only relevant information for the KWPN- NA breeders is translated for this article.


Registration regulations

The Registration Regulations have been amended, Article 11 ‘Register A riding horse, discipline dressage and jumping’ has been added to paragraph d: offspring of stallions registered as foals with a studbook not recognized by the KWPN are excluded, namely Asociación Nacional De Criadores De Caballos, de Pura Raza Española (ANCCE), Associação Brasileira De Criadores do Cavalo Puro Sangue Lusitano (ABPSL), Associacão Portuguesa De Criadores do Cavalo Puro Sangue Lusitano (APSL) and the Royal Friesian Horse Studbook (KFPS) and / or that of a pedigree resulting from these studbooks.


Harness horse direction regulations

The Harness Horse Breeding Council in the Netherlands has proposed several changes to the Selection Regulations for mares, geldings, and non-approved stallions. The formulation of the breeding goal has been adjusted in the context of uniformity within the various breeding directions. Geldings and non-approved stallions can now also qualify for the sport predicate. The regulations have been adjusted accordingly.


Currently, according to the Selection Regulations for mares, foals, and geldings for harness horse mares, it is not possible to obtain a sport predicate in a discipline other than the driving sport. The Harness Horse Breeding Council has advised that obtaining sports predicates should also be possible with results in the disciplines of dressage, jumping, driving, eventing and edurance. This is considered important for stimulating harness horse breeding. The requirements for the sport predicate are taken over from the selection regulations for dressage and jumping mares, except for the sport requirement for the sport predicate mares. To date, the sport predicate driving can only be achieved by Gelders horses, from which the sport requirement has been adopted.


Translated from source: KWPN.NL