Understanding Breeding Values

October 22, 2020

Understanding Breeding Values


The member survey shows that the breeding values are appreciated, but that many breeders have questions about how the breeding values come about and the application of the genetic profile. KWPN Breeding specialist Daniëlle Arts answers frequently asked questions about the recently published breeding values.

Original Dutch Text: Danielle Arts & Sttef Roest   English Translation: Liesbeth Van Woerden

Breeding values express in figures how a stallion inherits certain traits compared to the total population. They can give an indication of what you could expect with a certain choice of stallion. The breeding values are built up from various information sources. These are sports ratings, from both national and international competitions, and the results of KWPN events, such as inspections and aptitude tests. The KWPN has three different types of breeding values. The sport breeding value is calculated for jumping, dressage and harness horse sport. Then there is a breeding value for conformation and a breeding value for health, calculated for the riding horses (genomic breeding value D-OC).

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