KWPN published breeding values for 2021

March 30, 2021

KWPN published breeding values for 2021

Last week, the KWPN published the 2021 breeding values.

Breeding values ​​are a practical aid in making your choice of stallion, in which the genetic predisposition of a stallion is bundled. Breeding values ​​are updated every year and the information collected in 2020 has now also been bundled in the breeding values. The most important breeding values ​​can be found in the overviews below, background information can be found on the website: Fokwaarden (dutch)

In these overviews you will find the most important breeding values, but extensive breeding values ​​have also been drawn up for individual traits. You will find these for each stallion in the KWPN Database under the heading “genetic profile”. You can also find breeding values ​​for mares in the KWPN Database, although the breeding values ​​of all horses must have a reliability of at least 30% in order to be eligible for publication. Select stallions carefully for a certain breeding value. This is also possible via the KWPN Database, choose the option “Breeding values” in the search function.

This year, two changes have been made to the breeding value calculations for jumping and dressage. Due to the specialization in both breeding directions, the breeding values ​​need maintenance to better match breeding direction. For example, it is checked whether all traits are still hereditary and whether they are still related to the same degree with the main breeding goal: the sport. This maintenance means that studbook inspections and aptitude tests count less heavily in the breeding values. The second adjustment that has been made is to include more pedigree information. In the breeding value calculations it was decided to expand to five generations. In practice, this does not have much effect for most fully KWPN-bred horses. This is different with horses not bred by the KWPN, especially with stallions from young foreign lines this can have a major effect.

KWPN members can use My KWPN to further substantiate the choice of stallion for their mare (s) by studying the results regarding inbreeding and relatedness of the intended parents. This handy online tool is now available for the breeding directions dressage horses, harness horses, Gelder horses and mares in the breeding direction riding horse, as inbreeding and kinship are a point of attention in these breeding directions. Via this inbreeding tool you can easily see which stallions suit your mare, e.g. inbreeding and blood distribution. The tool is available for mares that are at least 3 years old (or will be in the current year) and available for jumping breeding direction in mid-April. Go to the inbreeding tool: Inbreeding tool

Online breeding advice is one of the options for making a well-considered stallion choice. When filling in the form, indicate which mare it concerns and a brief description of the mare’s strengths and areas for improvement. You can then indicate whether you prefer a young or proven stallion. After adding some pictures of your mare there is enough information. After your application has been sent, it will be processed at the Inspection department and assigned to a KWPN inspector.

Request online breeding advice:HERE

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