Report from the Road – Southeastern North Carolina Agricultural Center

September 25, 2019

Report from the Road – Southeastern North Carolina Agricultural Center

Report from the Road – Southeastern North Carolina Agricultural Center
Lumberton, NC
Co-Hosts: Melanie Harper & Danielle Farr-Veasy
Jury: Bart Henstra & Henk Dirksen
The keuring in North Carolina was held at the indoor facilities of the Southeastern North Carolina Agricultural Events Center, and was very efficiently co- hosted by Melanie Harper and Danielle Farr-Veasy.
The high score of the keuring was awarded to the beautiful Hunter mare Lyonesse (Fandango HX x Brown Eyed Girl by Schonfelder, Owner/Breeder: Erica Feiste DVM). Lyonesse has a well proportioned, correct hunter type with an expressive forehand and good topline. In jumping, she impressed the judges with her technique and smooth performance. This mare has a very good overview for jumping, good bascule and shows sufficient care. With an overall score of 80, she now leads the Hunter direction in the country so far.

Lyonesse, Photo: Krista Mann
The high score adult Dressage horse was awarded to the 4y old son of Schroeder, called Kir Royale MP (Schroeder x Waikiki by Ferro, Owner/ Breeder: Melanie Harper, MP Sporthorses). This gelding earned his ster predicate by passing the IBOP and DG Bar Cup with an overall score of 80. Kir Royale MP shows very good balance and is adjustable and supple. His walk shows sufficient length of stride, his trot is light footed and uphill with good suspension, and especially his canter is powerful, well balanced and with good reach and use of his expressive front leg. The quality of this gelding was also shown is his good transitions.

Kir Royale MP, Pam Jensen Photo

La Fierra VZ, Owner Photo
The 3y old mare La Ferra VZ (Goodtimes/French Martini/Idocus crown, Owner/Breeder:Danielle Farr-Veasy) earned her ster predicate today. This well muscled mare has a well shaped, long neck and a good topline. She is supple and light footed in her trot, but especially her canter is long strided, powerful and well balanced.
The high score young Dressage horse was awarded to the Gaudi filly Ohana K.F. (Gaudi x Karisma S.E. ster by Negro, Owner/Breeder: Lisa Dickman, Kaneques Farm). This well developed filly has a well muscled topline and a good expressive dressage type. Her trot shows good use of her hindleg, is supple and adjustable with good reach. Also her canter is well balanced and active.

Ohaha K.F., Photo: Krista Mann
The 2 year old stallion Mambo NO 5 (Sezuan x Wendelin 03 by Obelisk, Owner: TBD), is a modern, long lined dressage type and is well proportioned with athletically built conformation. His croup is well shaped and long. In movement he shows his front and is athletic in his trot and canter with good technique and articulation.
High score young Jumper was awarded to the colt Obsidian SPF (Utopie x Quartz F.M. ster by Kannan, Owner: Shauna Gamble, Breeder: Tracy Geller, Six Pound Farm). This longlined, well developed colt has a good jumper type with sufficient length in his somewhat sloping croup. His canter is active and well balanced with sufficient length of stride.

Obsidian SPF, 6Lb. Photo
The best adult Jumper was the 3 y old Lynette MG (Zapatero VDL x Eeyanette RGS ster keur elig by Veron, Owner: Ashley Gill, Breeder: Kathy Hickerson, Majestic Gaits). This refined, modern jumper mare is well developed and longlined. In jumping she showed her good reflexes, her very quick, powerful take off and good technique. She has a great attitude for jumping and is very eager, therefore she is also somewhat forward in her take of direction, but she seems to be athletic in her scope. Lynette MG was awarded ster and keur eligible and got a 81,5 in her Global Equine Sires cup.

Lynette MG, Owner Photo
First Premiums:
Foals/Weanlings – Jumper
Obsidian SPF (Utopie/Kannan) 77/72
Foals/Weanlings – Dressage
Ohana K.F. (Gaudi/ Negro) 78/80
Oliana MP (Gaudi / Ferro) 72/72
2 Year Olds – Hunter
Martini Time VZ (Goodtimes/Idocus) 72/74
2 Year Olds – Dressage
Mambo No5 (Sezuan/Obelisk) 78/78
STB/Ster 3YO – Dressage
La Ferra VZ (Goodtimes/Idocus) 70/75 Ster
STB/Ster 4-7 YO – Dressage
Kir Royale MP (Schroeder/ Ferro) 75/80 Ster
STB/Ster 3YO – Hunter
Lyonesse(Fandango HX/ Schonfelder) 80/80 Ster Keur Eligible
STB/Ster 3YO – Jumper
Lynette MG (Zapatero VDL/ Veron) 75/80 Ster Keur Eligible
IBOP – Dressage
Kir Royale MP (Schroeder/ Ferro) 80
DG Bar Cup -4 YO
Kir Royale MP (Schroeder/ Ferro) 80
Global Equine Sires Cup – 3YO
Lynette MG (Zapatero VDL/ Veron) 81.5
Lyonesse(Fandango HX/ Schonfelder) 70.5
Global Equine Sires Cup – 4YO
Kamikaze MP (Schroeder/Dachstanz) 74.5
**These remarks are for a snapshot in the lifetime of a horse. Not all first premium or ster horses are mentioned in “The Report from the Road”; only those horses that really stand out to the jury.**