2023 Annual General Meeting – March 9-11, 2023 at Sonnenberg Farm in Sherwood, OR

January 16, 2023

2023 Annual General Meeting – March 9-11, 2023 at Sonnenberg Farm in Sherwood, OR


Come join us for our 40th Anniversary, Annual General Meeting

March 9-11, 2023 | Sonnenberg Farm | Sherwood, OR

2023 KWPN-NA 40th Anniversary Annual Meeting

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The 2023 KWPN-NA 40th Anniversary Annual Meeting will take place in the Portland, Oregon area on March 9-11, 2023. During this 2-3 day event we will be celebrating another year that the KWPN horses are considered the best in the world! Our theme for the meeting promotes our 40th anniversary, the continued success of the KWPN horses in NA, and happily the post COVID era:

Back Together… Better than Ever!

Along with celebrating our 40th Anniversary, we will provide attendees with the latest updates on the activities and successes of our organization, as well as an exciting and educational program. Our venue is at the gorgeous Sonnenberg Farm and the Crowne Plaza Lake Oswego hotel. Attendees will be given the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of the KWPN-NA and the Sonnenberg team and also see newly approved NA stallions and generations of KWPN-NA bred mares and their offspring in all of the KWPN disciplines, including Dressage, Jumpers, hunters, eventers, as well as Gelders and Harness. We welcome members and non-members alike, as well as offer special discounts for our youth and the YKWPN-NA for this exceptional learning opportunity!

Some of the highlights of the schedule (which is being finalized):
🏵40 years of KWPN-NA breeding and sports
🏵KWPN Breeders from all parts of North America
🏵Jumpers: Free Jumping & and Jumping IBOP presentations
🏵Jumpers: Studbook Presentation and Jumper Conformation
🏵Dressage – Studbook Presentation and Free Movement/Conformation
🏵Dressage – Live mare-line discussion with multiple generations
🏵Dressage presentation from training to Grand Prix level
🏵Keuring set up and demonstrations
🏵IBOP – 4-5 Top Scoring Mares
🏵Gelders studbook presentation of mare(s)
🏵Presentation of approved and upcoming NA stallions
🏵Discussion panel with representatives from all breeding directions
🏵KWPN stallion show presentation
🏵Future vision KWPN & KWPN-NA
Something for everyone… we hope to see you there!

The Schedule Day By Day (please note that this is tentative so that there can be changes):


Thursday – March 9th.

Participants arrive at hotel – registration is between 4pm and 7pm. In the evening, we will hold our Welcome Reception at the host hotel sponsored by Beohringer-Ingelheim!. This is a great way to meet your fellow meeting attendees, do some socializing, and have some drinks and appetizers!!


Friday – March 10th.

On Friday morning, the day will begin in the host hotel with an update and information from the Board of Directors. In addition, our special committees will provide their information and there will be time for an open discussion with the entire membership. We will then begin our educational program with our popular breeder’s presentations which will be coordinated as a round table panel of breeders in Gelders, Hunter/Jumpers/Eventers, Dressage, and Harness providing their insights on success.


At noon, we will have lunch boxes from the hotel and will carpool to beautiful Sonnenberg Farm. There we will see demonstrations by newly approved stallions by Willy Arts. We are also planning an exciting Jumper presentation.


Friday night, we are working on an optional Wild West Dinner and dancing sponsored by Triple Crown Feed.


Saturday – March 11th.

We will kickoff the day’s meetings with presentation on Equine Reproduction by Dr. Ryan Ferris. This will be followed by a report from the office on the database, online registration, and keuring entries from our own Kelley Stachon. Then, of course, we have planned the ever-popular Presentation of Champions from the 2023 KWPN Stallion Show by Bart Henstra and our additional dignitaries from the KWPN! They will discuss the top 3-year-old stallions in Dressage, Jumper, Gelders, and Harness from the show and what their next steps for achieving approval and discuss the comparisons to requirements in NA with the NA Stallion Sport Testing. A Q&A will follow.

Again at noon, we will have lunch boxes from the hotel and will carpool to Sonnenberg to continue the hands-on program there. The Ruedigers will provide a presentation of their breeding lines and goals, including their mare lines and their offspring.

We will have several super mares perform in an IBOP and discuss the efforts that go behind preparing them, after which we will return to the hotel for celebrating our wonderful KWPN-NA Annual Awards Banquet.

Sunday – March 12th.

Hopefully, you all will find your way home or you may visit other sights in the area!

Our Annual Meeting promises to offer super education, good discussions, good food, good fun and special awards. We hope you can join us.


We can’t wait to see you all in March!

See you there!


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