2019 Report from the Road- Canadream Farm (On)

September 10, 2019

2019 Report from the Road- Canadream Farm (On)


Report from the Road – Canadream Farm (ON)
Host: Marie Josee Proulx, Canadream Farm Jury: Bart Henstra & Henk Dirksen


At the well organized keuring at Canadream Farm, a very good group of dressage foals was presented to the Jury.

Highest score of the day went to the young dressage colt Opus One MTA (Don Deluxe x Juweel of Litchy MFS ster keur elig PROK D-OC by Bordeaux), Owner/Breeder: Danielle Landreville, Mont Atoca Dressage. This colt has a very good dressage type, he is uphill, well muscled, with a well proportioned body and correct legs. His walk has a good length of stride and is active. His athletic trot has very good suspension,articulation and shows a lot of uphill tendency with powerful use of his hindleg. His canter is also powerful and well balanced with good use of his body. With an overall score of 84 he is leading the country for Dressage Foals so far!








Second place was earned by the well developed and uphill built O Glamour Boy’s Dream (Glamour dale out of the new ster mare Lieve Belle by De Niro), Owner/Breeder: Marie Josee Proulx, Canadream Farm. This colt has a well muscled and well shaped neck and a good topline. In all his gaits he shows a good bending and powerful use of his hindleg. His canter is especially athletic, very well balanced and longstrided. This gave him an overall score of 82. The Vitalis son Oh What A Dream (Vitalis x Lieve-Belle D-OC by De Niro), Owner/Breeder: Marie Josee Proulx, Canadream Farm. Oh What a Dream is well developed and well muscled. In trot he is lightfooted with a powerful use of his hindleg. The canter is active and shows sufficient uphill tendency.

O’ Glamour Boy’s Dream

Oh What a Dream









The filly O’Charming Dream (Charmeur x Fairlinda elite D-OC by Uphill), Owner/Breeder: Marie Josee Proulx, Canadream Farm, is correctly built and has an expressive type with very lean legs. She shows good posture in both trot and care, with an active use of her hindleg and sufficient reach. Olga MTA (Connaisseur x Gracelight by Westpoint), Owner/Breeder: Danielle Landreville, Mont Atoca Dressage is a well developed and longlined filly. She has well developed long withers and sloping shoulder. She has good length of stride in her trot and canter with sufficient carrying use of her hindleg.

O’Charming Dream

Olga MTA








The 3 year old mare, Lieve Belle (De Niro x Beaubelle elite IBOP (dr) by Krack C), Owner: Marie Josee Proulx, Canadream Farm , was awarded ster and the High score of the adult Dressage horses. This correctly built mare has a good forehand and topline. In movement she shows good leg technique with sufficient length of stride and sufficient posture.

Lieve Belle









The 3 year old jumper mare Lady Ada Bloom (Corland keur x Feather Bloom by Mr. Blue keur), Owner/Breeder: Bloomington Farm is longlined, well proportioned and has an athletic body. Her canter is longs trided, powerful and adjustable. In jumping, she has a good overview and has a powerful take off and jumps with good technique and very good scope.

Lady Ada Bloom – Photo by Suzanne Trickey

Lady Ada Bloom

With 8,5 for her canter and her scope, Lady Ada Bloom earned her ster and her keur eligible predicates and was awarded the highest score Jumper horse. In the Global Equine Sires cup, she earned a 81, this is a leading score so far for the 3y old division of the GES cup competition.







Photographs from the Keuring generously provided by Dazzle by Design Graphics Studio, proofs from the rest of the Keuring may be seen and purchased from the link above.







First Premiums:
Foals/Weanlings – Jumper

Overnight Express (Messenger VF /Hold Up Premier)



Foals/Weanlings – Dressage

Opus One MTA (Don Deluxe /Bordeaux)



O Glamour Boy’s Dream (Glamourdale /De Niro) 80/84
Oh What A Dream (Vitalis /De Niro) 80/80
O’Charming Dream (Charmeur/ Uphill) 78/78
Olga MTA (Connaisseur /Westpoint) 77/74
Once Upon A Dream (Ferro /Totilas) 73/73
Out of a Dream (Connaisseur/ Spielberg) 74/70
STB/Ster Mares – Jumper

Lady Ada Bloom (Corland /Mr. Blue)




Ster, Keur Elig.

STB/Ster Mares – Dressage

Lieve-Belle (De Niro/ Krack C)





GES Cup for 3YR Olds

Lady Ada Bloom (Corland /Mr. Blue)



Luna Clara (Connaisseur/ Emilion) 71.5