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Vaandrager HBC

KWPN Approved

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Registered Name Vaandrager HBC
Registration # 02.09018
Birthdate June 14, 2002
Color and Markings Black; irregular star, white spot upper and lower lip; BFL pastern; LH half stocking
Height 16.2h, 168cm
Breeding Fee $1000
Specific Terms, Fees, and Conditions
Semen Available Fresh, Frozen, Shipped
EVA Test Sero-negative 12/07/2012, Vaccinated 10/14/2013
WFFS Tested 2018 N/N (non-carrier)
Breeder K. Polinder, Netherlands

Profile Updated: 2024


Ammon P. Stoltzfus



John Stoltzfus


KWPN Breeding Designation


  • 2005: Performance Test – Carriage 8, Suspension 8, Action Foreleg 8.5, Use Hindleg 8, Enthusiasm 8, General Impression 8, Total 48.5 Points (4th of 7).

Breeding Advice

Vaandrager HBC seems to improve on the head, length of the poll and quality of the legs. He also improves on self-carriage (lift in the front) in the trot. He fits best with mares have a long foreleg, good action in front and power behind.

Sports Results

  • 2012: Imported from Netherlands.
  • 2011: 3rd place Oregon Trofee.
  • 2008: Winner KWPN Stallion Competition.
  • LK+23. Breeding Index 145 (68%).

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Offspring Sports Results

  • 2017: Kinetic Energy 3rd Top Fives Harness 2-yr-olds, Jeoperty 3rd Top Fives Harness Mares, Jägermeister Reserve Champion Top Fives Harness Stallions.
  • 2014: Julian 3rd place Top Fives, Jeoperty first premium, Buliena keur.
  • 2013: Daughter Charisma keur 80 points and 1st place in the harness IBOP.
  • Of his 394 offspring, 13 are in driving competition. He has sired 1 approved son, 24 star mares and 3 keur mares. He showed a uniform collection of sufficiently to well developed, tuig-type foals with good rectangular conformation. The foals rise in the front during the trot. The action of the foreleg varies and foals should develop a little more power from behind.
  • 2010: Son Doran ster in Zwolle, daughter Belandra 84 points IBOP, Ballerina keur 76 points IBOP.
  • 2009: two sons ster in Zwolle, two sons aangewezen. Baanbreker reserve champion at Stallion Show.
  • 2008: five 1st premium foals, Ballerina 5th for 2-year old fillies at National Harness Horse Day.
  • 2007: Eight 1st premium foals.

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