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Sir Sinclair

KWPN Approved, Keur

Registered Name Sir Sinclair
Registration # 99.00868 Stb
Birthdate March 29, 1999
Color and Markings Bay; no markings
Height 16.3h, 170cm
Breeding Fee $500 frozen/breeding dose
Specific Terms, Fees, and Conditions Frozen breeding doses sold without contract or guarantee. Discounts available for multiple dose purchases.
Semen Available Frozen
EVA Test Sero: positive, semen negative 03/28/2013. Natural Exposure. Vaccinated and Tested annually.
WFFS Tested 2018 N/N (non-carrier)
Breeder M. Drohm, Netherlands

Profile Updated: 2024


Iron Spring Farm, Inc.



Iron Spring Farm, Inc. 75 Old Stottsville Road Coatesville, PA 19320 610-383-4717 Phone (8AM-5PM EST) 610-857-9106 Fax Sir Sinclair Profile

KWPN Breeding Designation


  • 2002: Successfully completed the 70-Day Performance Test Ermelo. Dressage W 8, T 9, C 8, TD 8.5 Jumping TO 5, T 6.5, S 5.5, TJ 5 = 55.5 (9th of 16).
  • 2015: Keur

Sports Results

  • 2023: 61 offspring competing in USEF recognized competition and 20 at the FEI levels. Pashmina ISF and Prime Time ISF received the ster predicate at the KWPN-NA keuring.
  • 2022: Cantata competing Grand Prix, Eschaton winning PSG, Dee Clair GAIG Region 3 Reserve Champion Grand Prix AA. Noble ISF  Top Ten Dressage Geldings and Stallions 2022 KWPN-NA keuring tour.
  • 2021: Winner Get of Sire Dressage at Devon (7th time winning this class). 7th place USEF Leading Sire of Dressage Horses
  • USEF Leading Sire of Dressage Horses 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
  • 2008: Two 1sts Developing Horse Test, PVDA Spring Dressage; 1st L4T2, 5th Developing Horse Test Dressage at Lexington; Qualified/showed at USEF Nat’l Dressage Developing Horse Championship. Scores upper 60’s and low 70’s. Winner Get of Sire, DAD.
  • 2006: Showing PSG with scores 60s to 70s: 4th Dressage at Canterbury, 1st & 3rd Ocala Dressage, 1st & 6th Dressage at Lexington. 1st Get of Sire Devon.
  • 2005: 1st FEI 6-YO test, 1st L3T3 American Dressage Concours; 2nd L3T3, 1st 6-YO, Zada Cup; 1st FEI 6-YO (8.500), 2nd Finals 6-YO Capital Dressage; 2 1sts FEI 6-YO (8.800) Dressage at Lexington; 1st 6-YO Prelim Test MSEDA Dressage at KY Horsepark 1 (8.380); Champion USEF/Markel Young Horse Dressage Champs for 6-YO; 1st FEI 6-YO DAD CDI***.
  • 2004: Many 1sts for FEI 5-YO tests, 1sts L1 & L2.
  • 2003: Imported.
  • 2004: participated in World Championships for Young Dressage Horses (21st of 42).
  • 2002: 9th overall PAVO Cup, 9th PAVO Cup semi-finals.
  • 1999: 1st in dressage at stallion performance test.

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Offspring Sports Results

Sir Sinclair has been named the #1 USEF Leading Sire of Dressage Horses in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, AND 2020!

  • 2021: Fienna named Mare Champion Dressage at Devon and Reserve Champion Mature Horse
  • 2020: Westerstorm (winning GP), Bienvenu ZSH (Int 1), Blues Singer (Int 1), Caymus (GP), Audi (PSG/Int 1), ChooChoo Charlie (PSG/Int 1), Con Brio SDF (GP), Classy Sinclair (Int II), Dee Clair (GP), Eschaton (GAIG/USDF Region 2 Fourth Level AA Champ), Evangalina (PSG), Haiku (PSG), William (PSG), Zantos (PSG), The Flying Dutchman (Training Level Eventing), Yankee Station (Intermediate eventing).
  • 2017: 60 offspring earned USEF Dressage points, 15 of those horses at FEI Level
  • 2015: USEF Leading Sire of Dressage horses. Over 20 offspring competing at the FEI level including 6 at Grand Prix.
  • 2014: Andorra ISF Mare Champion, Mature Horse Champion and Reserve Grand Champion, Dressage at Devon Breed Show. Sir Eastwood 1st 4/5-yr-old Stallion & Gelding Materiale class, DAD. Watch Me multiple placings at PSG and Int. I.
  • 2013: Int.I – Andorra ISF, Warina, Westerstorm, Zania, Zatino H; PSG – Zefier; L4 – Air Marshall, Aphrodite ISF, Ziggouras-Tar; USEF Developing Horse – Bakara KS; others showing lower levels.
  • 2012: Hunter: First Light mult. Best Yng Hrs Hunter Breeding. Eventing: Bacardi 3rd Prelim, MD HT; Cinsational 3rd Training, NJ HT. Wining/Placing Dressage: Int1 Waku-Waku & Zuperman; PSG Westerstorm; L4 Zefier & Andorra-ISF; L3 Aphrodite-ISF; Bakara qual. USEF 6-YO Ch; and many more.
  • 2011: Top Fives Bakara, Colbalt Blue, Diva HWF, Darling ISF and Denver ISF. Dressage: Zefier, Zatino, L4; William, Waku-Waku PSG; Watch Me Int 1.
  • 2010: Zefier Res. Champ FEI 6-Yr-Old USDF HOY, 3rd Markel/USEF FEI 6-Yr-old Champs. Alleluia WRF, Aqua JP, Aramis, Avenger JP, Aruba ISF winning Tr & L1. Zania & Zuni winning L2. Warina, Zefier, Zatino H & Zuperman winning L3. Watch Me & William winning L3 & L4.
  • 2009: Winner (4-time) of Devon Get of Sire Dressage. Catalina ISF 2nd 2-Yr Old Fillies; Corona ISF 4th 2-Yr-Old Colts/Geldings, 4th East Coast Finals Colts; Coby Sinclair 8th 2-Yr-Old Colts/Geldings; Bijou ISF 1st 3-Yr-Old Fillies (80.6), 7th Filly Champs; Bien Sir ISF 1st 3-Yr-Old Colts/Geldings (81.2), 3rd Colt/Geld Champs, 10th East Coast Finals Colts; Eden ISF 8th Fillies 2009; Delmar ISF Res Ch Colt/Gelding Champs, 3rd East Coast Finals Colts; Dressage at Devon William Multiple 1st – 4ths places at L2, Potomac Valley Dressage, Raleigh & Capitol Dressage, Orlando Winter Classic, Zada Cup, Twice as Nice Dressage, Ocala Spring & Winter Dressage, Rocking Horse Spring Dressage. Zatino H 1sts & 2nds at FEI Young Horse TOC, ESDCTA Memorial Weekend, Centerline Events @ Westbrook Hunt. Andorra ISF 6th Tr1 Gold Coast Opener and Dressage; 1sts USDF 4-Yr-Olds, Tr1 &2, Dressage at Equestrian Estates, 1st USDF 4-Yr-Olds, Tr1 &2 Wellington Classic Dressage Challenge I and II. Warina 1sts L1 Zada Cup; Twice As Nice Dressage II, Ocala Spring Dressage, Dressage On The First Coast (2nd L3). Ziggouras-Tar 3rd & 5th FEI 5-YO Potomac Valley Spring Dressage; 1st & 3rd L1, Twice As Nice Dressage II; 1st & 2nd L1 Ocala Spring Dressage & Rocking Horse Spring Dressage.
  • 2008: Zatino-H Res Ch USEF Markel Nat’l 4-YO Champs w/ 8.24. Ziggouras-Tar 4th Nat’l 4-YO Champs w/ 7.68, seven wins at Tr & USEF 4-YO tests. Zuni wining at Tr. Watch Me 1st & 2nd PVDA 5-YO, multiple wins L1, 14th Nat’l 5-YO Champs. Americus SSF 2nd 3-YO Colts/Geldings, DAD. Delmar ISF 2nd Colts of 2008, DAD. Alleluia WRF 1st 3-YO Fillies Materiale, DAD. KWPN-NA Keuring: Bakara 1st 2-YO Dressage; Alleluia WRF 1st Dressage IBOP, 2nd DGB Cup 3-YOs; Andorra ISF 1st Dressage Mares.
  • 2007: Watch Me 1st Tr1 , two 1st Tr2, Ocala Spring Dres; 2nd Tr1, 1st Tr2, 2nd Tr4, Heidelburg Cup; two 1st 4-YO YH, PVDA; 1st 4-YO Materiale 8.10%, Capital Dres Classic; 2nd Tr4, two 1st 4-YO YH, Dressage at Lexington; 2nd FEI 4-YO 78.60%, 2nd KWPN 3 & Oldr 84.6%, DAD. Bedazzle ISF 1st Yrlng Fillies, Ch Filly, Res Ch Yng Horse, Ch. GAIC/USDF Filly Champs 83.05%, DAD; Bien Sir ISF , 1st Yrlng Colts, Ch Colt/Gelding Champs, Ch Yng Horse, Ch GAIC /USDF Colt Championship 87.25%, Gr Champ. 1st KWPN Two & Yngr 90%, DAD; Aruba ISF, 1st 2-YO fillies, DAD; Corona ISF 2nd KWPN Two & Yngr 83.5%, DAD.
  • 2006: Banderas 3rd, Barbados-ISF 5th (tie) Foals & Weanlings; Winclair 8th (tie) Conformation and 6th (tie) Movement; KWPN-NA Top Ten.
  • 2005: N.A. Keuring – Andorra ISF #2, Athena #7 (tie), Aruba ISF #9 (tie) Top Ten Foals, Zamora #1 Top Ten Yearlings. Andorra ISF 1st Fillies of 2005, Res Ch Filly, Res Ch Young Hrs, Ch Filly USDF/Cosequin Final, DAD

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