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Registered Name Schroeder
Registration # DE431310117404
Birthdate May 6, 2004
Color and Markings Bay
Height 17hh
Breeding Fee $1500
Specific Terms, Fees, and Conditions LFG. 1st collection fee included. Additional collection $350. $200 discount for quality mares or repeat breeders.
Semen Available Fresh: Yes; Frozen: Yes
WFFS N/N (non-carrier)

Profile Updated: 2021




Kathy Hickerson
Majestic Gaits
68 Russell Hill Road
Brookline, NH 03033
603-557-4054 phone

603-673-4344 office

603-672-0139 fax

KWPN Breeding Designation


Schroeder possesses the PROK predicate and has passed endoscopy and sport requirements. Foals by Schroeder out of qualifying mares will receive Foalbook papers

Sports Results

  • 2019: Centerline East Coast Riders Cup Grand Prix 3rd Place
  • 2018: NEDA FEI I2 Champion of the Year, USDF Hanoveriean FEI I2 Reserved Champion HOY, USEF Dressage Breeding Sire #9 Natioanally
  • 2017: 1st Place Grand Prix Centerline Events 65.65%, 1st Place Intermediate II Centerline Events 67.237%
  • 2016: Centerline Hits 2nd Place Intermediare II 64.9%, FEI Intermediare II First qualifying score for Regional Championships
  • 2015: Bluegrass FEI Intermediare I 2nd place 69%, Dressage at Devon CDI 5th Place Intermediare I, Region 8 FEI Intermediare I Open 4th place, First Place FEI CDI NEDA Fall PSG 68%, FEI Intermediare A GMA 1st Place, FEI Intermediare I GMHA 1st place, USEF Dressage Breeding Sire #4 Nationally
  • 2014: 2nd place FEI Intermediare I Mystic, 1st place FEI PSG Mystic
  • 2013: 2nd place FEI PSG 67.1% Kentucky Bluegrass, 3rd place National Championships 4th Open 67.25%, First FEI PSG 66% 3rd place NEDA Fall Festival, Regional 4th Level Champion!!! NEDA Fall Festival, Centerline @ Saugerties 76.236% 1st Place, Westbrook Dressage 66.5 % 1st Place
  • 2012: Mystic Dressage Show Level 4-1, 4th place, USEF Dressage Breeding Sire #6 Nationally
  • 2011: King Oak 1st Place Dressage Level 3-2, Westbrook Dressage Level 3, 2nd place, Mystic Dressage Level 3, 2nd place
  • 2010: Qualified for FEI 6 year old National Championships, Finished 11th in the Nation!
  • 2008: #1 USDF Hanoverian stallion in hand

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Offspring Sports Results

  • 2020: Endretti GF FEI Int I res champion Global Dressage Festival 9 69.1%; Edge 3rd-1 AA Res Champion Dressage at Waterloo Summer Finale II, 3rd-2 Champion AA champion Dressage at Waterlook Sumer Finale I; Ilex 1st-2 champion, 1st-3 res champ 68.1%, 1st-3 res champion 67.9% ODS Down Centerline 4; Indigo 2nd-1 champion 68.9% 2nd-2 champion 72.6% Dressage at Waterloo Summer Finale II,  2nd-1 champion 70.5%, 2nd-2 champion 71.5% Dressage at Waterloo Summer Finale I; Ivette 3rd level Qualified for Reg 8 Championships.  Res champion 4th-3.  HITS Open Dressage, res champion 4th-3 Dressage at Waterloo July; Jumanji MG CDS top 5 USDF Region 7 & 4th CDS HOY 2nd Open. USDF KWPN-NA #3 HOY. Champion 2nd Cheers to Summer CDS San Diego Chapter Show; Kamikaze MP 5th Open Beg Novice War Horse Event Series July Horse Trial; Kir Royal MP Champion 1st Open Reg 1 Championship, Champion 1st-3 Dressage at the Park II 73%; Levitics EG Tr-3 Champion Majestic Farm View III, USDF KWPN-NA #3 HOY; Sachet 2nd -3 AA Champ Estes Park Dressage II, res champion AA 2nd-3 Estes Park Dressage I 65.7%; Sebastian Champ Children’s Hunter, res Champ Childrens Hunter Horse Championship Robert Murphy Stable, Res Champion Intermediate Childrens Equitation 2’6″ World Equestrian Winter Classic #7; Shaharazad RHR Reg 4 1st TOC reserve champion Reg 4 championship, champion 1st-3 71.9% Dressage by the River II, Champion 1st level and AA High Point and the highest score of the show with a 71.94% Dressage by the River II; Shilo Tr-3 AA champion Idaho Dressage Festival II; Spiderman MG Reserve champion 1st-2 KDA Summer Classic I; Super Exclusive 4th-2 Champion GMHA Dressage Show.
  • 2019: Gitarre/Glorianna(ds: Rampal) at Reg 5 Championship Show,Champion 2nd Level, Ivette (ds: Ferro) at Region 2 Championship Show, Champion 2nd level, Reserve Champion 3rd level, Jumanji MG (ds: Farrington) Dressage at Stockade Champion 2nd and 1st level, Kir Royal MP (ds: Ferro) KWPN-NA Star, IBOP(DR) Top Ten:#2 Dressage Stallions/Geldings, #3 IBOP, #3 DG BAR Cup, NCDCTA Autumn Leaves Training Level Championships Champion, Olivander CF (ds: Rubin Royal) KWPN-NA 1st Premium, Kamikaze MP (ds:Dachstanz) 5th GES Cup 4 yr Top Ten, Oliver’s Best (ds: Olivi) KWPN-NA 1st premium, Sebastien (ds: Eminenz ES 366) World Equestrian Fall II Intermediate Children’s 2’6 Equitation Championships Reserve Champion, Sinatra Hit (ds: Text xx) KCDS Summer Dressage II 3rd Level champion, 2nd level reserve champion, Spiderman MG (ds: Goodtimes) Rider for the Roses I, 4 year old dressage test champion, Super Exclusive GMHA Dressage Days 3rd Level Reserve Champion, TLF Summer Solstice (ds: Crown Heartbreaker) UMASS Breed Show I/II, Champion Material 4-5 yr mares, 3rd place 5 yr USDFBC material championships
  • 2018: Endretti GF (ds: Rhodium) PSG, Carbery Fields I, 4th Level Champion, Global Dressage, 4th level reserve champion, Frauloma MG (ds: Farrington) Plymouth Rock Jumper Classic Hunter 2’3, 3rd place, Katana TBF (ds: Contango) 9th Top Top KWPN-NA GES Cup, Nalani MP (ds: Ferro) 1st premium dressage foals, Shaharazad RHR (ds: Weltmeyer) Summer Solstice at Mid-South Dressage 1st level champion, regional championships Training 3rd place, Sinatra Hit (ds: Text xx) Region 4 Championships 1st Level reserve champion, KCDS Summer Dressage II 2nd level champion, Spiderman MG (ds: Goodtimes) KDA Summer Classic I: 3 yr colt champion, colt/gelding champion, young horse champion, reserve champion Hanoverian IBC, KDA Summer Classic II 3rd Materiale Championships, Champion 3 yr Materiale colts, colt/gelding reserve champion, young horse reserve champion, reserve grand champion
  • 2017: Eloma MG (ds: Goodtimes) Ten Broeck Farm Breed Show Broodmare Champion, KWPN IBC champions, Evangelo Hit (ds: Secret Prince) Maffit Lake Dressage Fall Harvest 4th Level Champion, Lord Sebastian (ds: Rmani) KDA Breed Show II Yearling Colt Champion, Reserve Champion Colt/Gelding, Reserve Champion USDFBC colt/gelding championships, KWPN IBC Champions, Spiderman MG (ds: Goodtimes) KDA Summer Classic 1, Champion 2 year colt, reserve champion Han IBC, Reserve Young Horse Champion, KDA Summer Classic II Champion colt/gelding championships
  • 2016: Edge (ds: Rampal) Dressage at Waterloo 3rd level reserve champion, Eva Lucia (ds: Bag Shot xx) Inavale Farm Horse Trials Reserve Champion Novice, Evangelo Hit (ds: Secret Prince) Reg 4 Championships, 3rd level reserve champion, North Woods dressage 3rd level champion
  • 2015: Dorette MG (ds: Silvano) Welcome Back to White Fences II Champion 1st Level, Florette MG (ds: Silvano) NEDA YEA Broodmare Champion, USDF KWPN-NA YEA Reserve Champion Broodmare, UMASS Breed Show Broodmare Champion, Mare Champion, Mature Horse Champion, Ironman MG (ds: Silvano) Carbery Fields Breed Show Champion 2 yr colt, Reserve Champion colt/Gelding, Jackson (ds: Odin) Young Horse Show Champion Jumper, Kir Royal MP (ds: Ferro) KWPN-NA 1st premium, Shaharazad RHF (ds: Weltmeyer) NCDCTA Summer Highland Fling, champion 4 yr dressage test, Shalimar (ds: Wolkenstein II) NEDA Fall Show Champion Mare, Carbery Fields Breed Show Reserve Champion Broodmares, Spiderman MG (ds: Goodtimes) Champion Colts of 2015, Champion Current Year Foals, Szando (ds: Werbellin) Fields and Fences, Champion 2 yr colt, Champion colt/gelding championships, Champion Han IBC, TLF Summer Solstice (ds: Crown Heartbreaker) Broadfields 121 Reserve Champion Yearling Fillies, Broadfields 121 II Reserve Champion Yearling fillies
  • 2014: Jackson MG (ds Goodtimes) NEDA Stallion Futurity Champion, NEDA Fall Show NE USDFBC Finals Reserve Champion Colts of 2014, TLF Summer Solstice (ds: Crown Heartbreaker) UMASS Breed Show champion Fillies of 2014
  • 2013: Dorette MG (ds: Silvano) GMHA Dressage Days Training Level Champion, Centerline Events Reserve Champion Training Level, Georgio (ds: Rubenstein) KDC Champion 2 year old colt, Sapphyre (ds: Rubenstein) Summer Fest Breed Show 3rd place Materiale, Champion 3 yr Fillies, Champion ISR IBC, Shalimar GGF (ds: Wolkenstein II) Windswept I Champion Mare, Reserve Mature Horse Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, Windswept II Champion Mare, Reserve Mature Horse Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, NEDA Fall Show & USDFBC Finals, 3rd place Suitability, Reserve Champion USDFBC Mare Final, Champion Mare, Ten Broeck Farm Materiale Champion
  • 2012: Demimora MG (ds: Flemmingh) Champion Mare Under Saddle, Eva Lucia (ds Bag Shot xx) NW Sporthorse Breeders Site Champion 3 yr USEF Future Event Horse, Florette MG (ds: Silvano) Ten Broeck Champion 2 yr Filly, Champion Filly Championships, Futura (ds Bag Shot xx) NW Sporthorse Breeders Reserve Champion 2 yr USEF Future Event Horse. Galileo MG (ds: Goodtimes) Summer Fest Breed Show Reserve Champion Yearling Colt. Georgio (ds: Rubenstein) Summer Fest Breed Show Champion Yearling Colt, Harlan (ds: Gribaldi) 1st premium dressage foal, Hifive MG (ds: Goodtimes) Brookside Breed Show Champions Foals of 2012, USDF YEA Reserve Champion Colts HOY, KWPN-NA 1st Premium, Satinka (ds: Limited Edition) Deep South Dressage Champion Yearling Fillies, Champion Fillies, Champion Westphalian IBC
  • 2011: Endretti GF (ds: Rhodium) Sunshine Classic I, Champion 2 yr old colt, Champion Colts/Geldings, Champion KWPN IBC, Sunshine Classic II, Champion 2 year old colt, Reserve Champion Colts/Geldings, USDFBC Finals Reserve Champion colt/gelding, NCDCTA Sporthorse Champion 2 yr Colt, Champion Colt/Gelding Championship, Reserve Champion Young Horse, Champion KWPN IBC, Eva Lucia (ds: Bag Shot xx) Beaujolais Group Reserve Champion 2 year Filly, Frauloma MG (ds: Farrington) NEDA Stallion Futurity Champion, Reserve Champion USDFBC finals fillies, Reserve Champion KWPN IBC, Windswept Yearling Champion, Galileo MG (ds: Goodtimes) Champion Colts of 2011, Champion Current Year Foal, High Score KWPN-NA, KWPN-NA 1st Premium, Georgio (ds: Rubenstein) KWPN-NA 1st Premium
  • 2010: Florette MG (ds: Silvano) KWPN-NA 1st Premium dressage foals, Frauloma MG (ds: Flemmingh) KWPN-NA 1st Premium dressage foals
  • 2009: Demimora MG (ds: Flemmingh) Ten Broeck Reserve Champion Yearling, Eloma MG (ds: Goodtimes) KWPN-NA 1st premium, Sir Real LJS (ds: Ferro) Reserve Champion Colts of 2009
  • 2008: Demimora MG (ds: Flemmingh) KWPN-NA 1st Premium, Dorette MG (ds: Silvano) USDF YEA HOY #4 Filly Foal, Maplewood Warmbloods Reserve Champion Fillies of 2008, Ten Broeck Reserve Champion 2008

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