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L Primo DG

KWPN-NA Licensed

2024 Stallion Auction

Registered Name L Primo DG
Registration # 840025 2016N00131
Birthdate April 28, 2016
Color and Markings Chestnut
Height 16.2hh
Breeding Direction
DP (Dressage)
Breeding Fee $1300
Specific Terms, Fees, and Conditions Booking fee ($200) not included. LFG
Semen Available Fresh ,shipped
EVA Test Negative
WFFS N/N (non-carrier)
Breeder DG Bar Breeders, Inc.

Profile Updated: 2024




DG Bar Breeders, Inc. 3018 Grangeville Blvd Hanford, CA 93230 Cell: (559) 269-5152 willyarts@dgbarranch.com DG Bar Ranch

KWPN Breeding Designation

Licensed. L Primo possesses the D-OC predicate.

In general foals will receive Register A papers. Register A offspring must meet additional requirements to be considered for Keur/Elite.

Breeding Advice

His offspring show suppleness and elasticity in movement. They are a very nice type with good conformation.

Sports Results

  • 2023: Reserve Champion CDS Finals Fourth Level, Competed FEI 7yr old division.
  • 2022: Qualified for the FEI 6yr old division Young Horse Championships, was West coast NASST Champion with 86.5.
  • 2021: qualified for the FEI 5 year old Young Horse Championships. Selected for the USEF Emerging Young Horse Program. Completed NASST with a score of 82. Now licensed with GOV and AHHA. Average score of 74% at Second Level in 2021.
  • 2019: Champion 3 year old, Champion dressage IBOP, Winner of the DG Bar Cup for 3 year olds nationally with a score of 83 points. Conformation: 90, Walk: 75, Trot: 85, Canter: 90, Movement: 85, Self Carriage: 85. Licensed

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Offspring Sports Results

  • 2023: Pzazz 81 points 3 year old DG Bar Cup
  • 2022: Starbria DG KWPN-NA Top Ten Dressage Foal (Conformation 80, Movement 86) “More than sufficiently developed, clean and elegant. Fraction downward built. Well-developed forehand, slightly sunkenin the topline. Hard foundation, hind leg 1x sickle hocked. Walks with body use, trot has shoulder freedom, good tactand suppleness. Canter has leg technique and a lot of flexibility.”
    • Rhea DG KWPN-NA Top Ten Dressage Yearling (Conformation 82, Movement 80) “Well developed, great appearance. Strong long-lined body with good forehand and good proportions. Strong foundation, hindleg a fraction long. Walk is active and has good tact. Trot is active, light-footed with a good hind leg. Canter is well balanced and has scope. Could stay more uphill.”
    • Primabria DG KWPN-NA Two Year Old Dressage Champion (Conformation 85, Movement 85) “Elegant dressage model, long lined and upward. Good forehand and topline. Long hamstring muscles, a little weak in the pasterns. Front leg toed in 1x. Walk is very spacious, could have a little more activity. Trot takes off directly uphill from the hind leg. Good use of the front leg and good posture. Canter has cadence, technique and jump.”
    • Judge’s comments on L Primo offspring: “L Primo DG showed a collection of more than sufficient to well-developed offspring with length in the body. The topline is sometimes a bit weak and the hindleg is a bit bent. Usually good feet. Offspring show space and technique in movement, the flexibility is striking. Sometimes they could have a little more power.”

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