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Koning DG

KWPN-NA Licensed

2024 Stallion Auction

Registered Name Koning DG
Registration # 840025 020150120
Birthdate March 12, 2015
Color and Markings Bay
Height 17.1hh
Breeding Direction
DP (Dressage)
Breeding Fee $1300
Specific Terms, Fees, and Conditions Booking fee ($200) not included. LFG
Semen Available Fresh: Yes; Frozen: No
EVA Test Negative
WFFS N/N (non-carrier)
Breeder DG Bar Breeders, Inc.

Profile Updated: 2024

Koning DG was sired by Bordeaux, who competes at GP level dressage and proves himself with his talented offspring. His dam is a keur mare and received good scores at her studbook entry. His granddam competed at Intermediare 1 level, his greatgrand dam competed at third level.




DG Bar Breeders, Inc. 3018 Grangeville Blvd Hanford, CA 93230 Cell: (559) 269-5152 willyarts@dgbarranch.com DG Bar Ranch

KWPN Breeding Designation

Licensed. Koning possesses the D-OC predicate.

In general foals will receive Register A papers. Register A offspring must meet additional requirements to be considered for Keur/Elite.

Breeding Advice

Koning DG can improve the dressage type. Koning DG can improve rideability and suppleness, uphill tendency and leg technique in walk, trot and canter. Produces foals with super type and good size, complete horses with great temperaments and characters.

Sports Results

  • 2022: Competed in the FEI 7 year old division and qualified for Young Horse Championships with a 74%.
  • 2021: completed NASST with a score of 82.35. Now licensed with GOV. Average score of 70% at 3rd level in 2021.
  • 2020/2021: Qualified for FEI 5 and 6 year old Young horse Championships. Selected for the USEF Emerging Young Horse program.
  • 2020: Winner of the NASST with 89.5 points. Walk 8.5, Trot 8.5, Canter 9, Rideability 9, 9.5 from guest rider.
  • 2019: Winner of CDS Futurity Champion at CDS Futurity. Highest scoring stallion in the NASST with a score of 89.5 from the judges and a 95 from the rider.
  • 2018: Winner of the DG Bar Cup for 3 year olds nationally with a score of 85.5 points. Walk: 9, Trot: 8, Canter: 9. Dressage IBOP of 85.5 points. Licensed.
  • Test Results: Koning DG is a modern, well developed long-legged stallion, with a good dressage type. Koning has a well shaped neck and well developed withers. His back is somewhat weak, his croupe is well shaped and long. The stance of his legs are correct, with somewhat narrow feet.Koning DG shows very good rideability, with good balance and posture. His walk is pure, active and athletic with good length of stride. Koning shows good posture in his lightfooted trot with expressive use of his frontleg and sufficient power. His canter is very well balanced, has good length of stride and uphill tendency with very expressive use of his frontleg.

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Offspring Sports Results

  • 2023: Odessa DG 81.5 points in IBOP and DG Bar Cup. Pharaoh DG  88.5 points in DG Bar Cup, licensed Gelders for KWPN-NA. Paradigm 80 points in DG Bar Cup. Pacheco 75 points in DG Bar Cup with 8 for gaits.
  • 2022: Sultan DG KWPN-NA Champion Dressage Foal (Conformation 90, Movement 90) “”Very appealing foal that’s well developed. Has a strong body with good proportions. Forehand well formed, croup slightly straight. Correct foundation. Moves with great leg technique, posture, and balance. Can shift gears very well and has very good use of the body. Kept moving well consistently every lap.”
    • Rockefeller HF KWPN-NA Champion Dressage Yearling (Conformation 84, Movement 88) “”Very well developed, long lined. Good forehand, head is a little long. Strong croup. Hind leg 2x sickle hocked. Strong foundation. Correct walk. Trot is light-footed, elegant with good use of the hind leg, the front leg is used with freedom of the shoulder. Canter has a lot of balance, space and power.”
    • Pharoah DG KWPN-NA Champion 2 Year old Gelders (Conformation 90, Movement 90) “”Has an uphill built, strong body. Lots of appearance and a good forehand. Loins are broad and strongly muscled. Hind leg is sickle hocked (2x). Good feet. Active and powerful walk, with good scope. Trot needs no speed, uphill with a well- placed hind leg. Is a fraction slow. Canters with ease, suppleness and good jump.”Judges’ comments on Koning’s offspring:”Koning showed a collection of more than sufficient to very well-developed offspring. Remarkable are the well-shaped fronts. The head is sometimes a bit long. The topline is well formed. The hind leg is slightly variable. The horses generally have a well-developed and correctly set foundation. They all move correctly with spaciousness, posture, good use of the hind leg and they show switching ability. The walk has good tact, more than sufficient scope and use of body.”
  • 2021: Foals Rosebria DG and Rhea DG placed 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 2021 KWPN-NA Virtual Foal Futurity. Pharoah DG champion dressage yearling in Virtual Futurity.
  • 2020: Odessa DG site champion Dressage foal and placed 6th nationally. Koning had 3 first premium foals in his first crop!

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