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Floris SSF

KWPN Approved

2024 Stallion Service Auction

Registered Name Floris SSF
Registration # 528003 201002969
Birthdate April 20, 2010
Color and Markings Chestnut
Height 166cm
Breeding Direction
GP (Gelders)
Breeding Fee $2000 fresh cooled/ $1000 frozen
Specific Terms, Fees, and Conditions $500 booking fee included. Unlimited LFG for both fresh and frozen. Discounts: $250 return breeder, multiple mare/predicated mare/sport mare. Pay-Only-If-Pregnant option: no discounts apply. Collection and Shipping: $350 flat fee (weekday delivery), $375flat fee (Saturday delivery).
Semen Available
WFFS Tested N/N 2018
Breeder B. van der Veen and S.E. ter Brugge

Profile Updated: 2024


Shooting Star Farm PO Box 589 Spofford, NH 03462 603-209-3243 www.shootingstarfarm.com


same as owner


same as owner

KWPN Breeding Designation

Approved 2013

Approved 2013 in Ermelo

Walk: 7.5. Trot: 7.5. Canter: 8.0, Posture: 7.5, Talent for dressage: 7.5. Reflexes: 7. Technique: 7.5. Scope 8. Talent for jumping: 7.5. Walk in harness: 7.5. Trot in harness: 7. Canter in harness: 8. Posture in harness: 8. Willingness: 8. Maneuverability: 7.5.

Breeding Advice

KWPN breeding recommendation: Floris BS can improve the canter and contribute to the bloodline distribution. He is best bred to long-lined mares which are sufficiently large and are good Gelders type.

His foals are sufficiently developed with good Gelders horse presence. They have more than sufficient rectangular shaped conformation. The foals move with more than sufficient body position, power and elasticity. The foals out of Gelders and Harness mares were superior to the others.

Sports Results

2023: Toula Rosa SSF (x Diamond Hit) 1st premium KWPN-NA keuring and 3rd place Gelders Foals nationally.

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Offspring Sports Results

First NA bred foals expected 2023.

Notable offspring:

Joris M (x Bazuin) ster, Dr M1

Jansje MB (x Fortissimo) keur, IBOP

Just in Time (x Parcival) sport, Dr LT

Julius BS (x Tuschinski) sport, Dr ZZ

Jarona (x Laurentz) Ster

Kristall Vrouwe BS (x Larix) NMK, Elite, sport, prok, Dr M1

Kylian Woma (x Vitens) Mend B and L

Krystala-Jane (x Ulandro) ster, keur eligible

Lonnie (x Johnson) Elite, IBOP, prok

Leonie W (x Parcival) Elite, IBOP, Prok, Dr M1

Maronda (x Uphill) keur, sport, Dr M1

My Charitas (x Bratt) sport, Dr M2

Otilde (x Koss) NMK, keur, IBOP

No Results.