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Approved Hanoverian and Oldenburg.

In general, foals by this stallion will receive Foalbook papers as Schroeder has completed the endoscopy, sport and PROK requirements set out by the KWPN.


  • Registered/Show Name Schroeder
  • Registration #DE431310117404
  • Birthdate May 06 2004
  • Color and Markings Bay
  • Height 17hh
  • Breeding Fee  $1750
  • Specific Terms, Fees and Conditions LFG. 1st collection fee included. Additional collection $350
  • Semen Available Fresh: Yes; Frozen: Yes
  • EVA Test
  • WFFS N/N (non-carrier)

Kathy Hickerson, Majestic Gaits


Kathy Hickerson
Majestic Gaits
68 Russell Hill Road
Brookline, NH 03033
603-557-4054 phone

603-673-4344 office

603-672-0139 fax

Schroeder possesses the PROK predicate and has passed endoscopy and sport requirements. Foals by Schroeder out of qualifying mares will receive Foalbook papers

Sport Results in North America

2019 Centerline East Coast Riders Cup Grand Prix 3rd Place

2018 NEDA FEI I2 Champion of the Year, USDF Hanoveriean FEI I2 Reserved Champion HOY, USEF Dressage Breeding Sire #9 Natioanally

2017 1st Place Grand Prix Centerline Events 65.65%, 1st Place Intermediate II Centerline Events 67.237%

2016 Centerline Hits 2nd Place Intermediare II 64.9%, FEI Intermediare II First qualifying score for Regional Championships

2015 Bluegrass FEI Intermediare I 2nd place 69%, Dressage at Devon CDI 5th Place Intermediare I, Region 8 FEI Intermediare I Open 4th place, First Place FEI CDI NEDA Fall PSG 68%, FEI Intermediare A GMA 1st Place, FEI Intermediare I GMHA 1st place, USEF Dressage Breeding Sire #4 Nationally

2014 2nd place FEI Intermediare I Mystic, 1st place FEI PSG Mystic

2013 2nd place FEI PSG 67.1% Kentucky Bluegrass, 3rd place National Championships 4th Open 67.25%, First FEI PSG 66% 3rd place NEDA Fall Festival, Regional 4th Level Champion!!! NEDA Fall Festival, Centerline @ Saugerties 76.236% 1st Place, Westbrook Dressage 66.5 % 1st Place

2012 Mystic Dressage Show Level 4-1, 4th place, USEF Dressage Breeding Sire #6 Nationally

2011 King Oak 1st Place Dressage Level 3-2,  Westbrook Dressage Level 3, 2nd place, Mystic Dressage Level 3, 2nd place

2010 Qualified for FEI 6 year old National Championships, Finished 11th in the Nation!

2008 #1 USDF Hanoverian stallion in hand


Offspring Results

2019: Gitarre/Glorianna(ds: Rampal) at Reg 5 Championship Show,Champion 2nd Level, Ivette (ds: Ferro) at Region 2 Championship Show, Champion 2nd level, Reserve Champion 3rd level, Jumanji MG (ds: Farrington) Dressage at Stockade Champion 2nd and 1st level, Kir Royal MP (ds: Ferro) KWPN-NA Star, IBOP(DR) Top Ten:#2 Dressage Stallions/Geldings, #3 IBOP, #3 DG BAR Cup, NCDCTA Autumn Leaves Training Level Championships Champion, Olivander CF (ds: Rubin Royal) KWPN-NA 1st Premium, Kamikaze MP (ds:Dachstanz) 5th GES Cup 4 yr Top Ten, Oliver’s Best (ds: Olivi) KWPN-NA 1st premium, Sebastien (ds: Eminenz ES 366) World Equestrian Fall II Intermediate Children’s 2’6 Equitation Championships Reserve Champion, Sinatra Hit (ds: Text xx) KCDS Summer Dressage II 3rd Level champion, 2nd level reserve champion, Spiderman MG (ds: Goodtimes) Rider for the Roses I, 4 year old dressage test champion, Super Exclusive GMHA Dressage Days 3rd Level Reserve Champion, TLF Summer Solstice (ds: Crown Heartbreaker) UMASS Breed Show I/II, Champion Material 4-5 yr mares, 3rd place 5 yr USDFBC material championships

2018: Endretti GF (ds: Rhodium) PSG, Carbery Fields I, 4th Level Champion, Global Dressage, 4th level reserve champion, Frauloma MG (ds: Farrington) Plymouth Rock Jumper Classic Hunter 2’3, 3rd place, Katana TBF (ds: Contango) 9th Top Top KWPN-NA GES Cup, Nalani MP (ds: Ferro) 1st premium dressage foals, Shaharazad RHR (ds: Weltmeyer) Summer Solstice at Mid-South Dressage 1st level champion, regional championships Training 3rd place, Sinatra Hit (ds: Text xx) Region 4 Championships 1st Level reserve champion, KCDS Summer Dressage II 2nd level champion, Spiderman MG (ds: Goodtimes) KDA Summer Classic I: 3 yr colt champion, colt/gelding champion, young horse champion, reserve champion Hanoverian IBC, KDA Summer Classic II 3rd Materiale Championships, Champion 3 yr Materiale colts, colt/gelding reserve champion, young horse reserve champion, reserve grand champion


2017: Eloma MG (ds: Goodtimes) Ten Broeck Farm Breed Show Broodmare Champion, KWPN IBC champions, Evangelo Hit (ds: Secret Prince) Maffit Lake Dressage Fall Harvest 4th Level Champion, Lord Sebastian (ds: Rmani) KDA Breed Show II Yearling Colt Champion, Reserve Champion Colt/Gelding, Reserve Champion USDFBC colt/gelding championships, KWPN IBC Champions, Spiderman MG (ds: Goodtimes) KDA Summer Classic 1, Champion 2 year colt, reserve champion Han IBC, Reserve Young Horse Champion, KDA Summer Classic II Champion colt/gelding championships


2016: Edge (ds: Rampal) Dressage at Waterloo 3rd level reserve champion, Eva Lucia (ds: Bag Shot xx) Inavale Farm Horse Trials Reserve Champion Novice, Evangelo Hit (ds: Secret Prince) Reg 4 Championships, 3rd level reserve champion, North Woods dressage 3rd level champion


2015: Dorette MG (ds: Silvano) Welcome Back to White Fences II Champion 1st Level, Florette MG (ds: Silvano) NEDA YEA Broodmare Champion, USDF KWPN-NA YEA Reserve Champion Broodmare, UMASS Breed Show Broodmare Champion, Mare Champion, Mature Horse Champion, Ironman MG (ds: Silvano) Carbery Fields Breed Show Champion 2 yr colt, Reserve Champion colt/Gelding, Jackson (ds: Odin) Young Horse Show Champion Jumper, Kir Royal MP (ds: Ferro) KWPN-NA 1st premium, Shaharazad RHF (ds: Weltmeyer) NCDCTA Summer Highland Fling, champion 4 yr dressage test, Shalimar (ds: Wolkenstein II) NEDA Fall Show Champion Mare, Carbery Fields Breed Show Reserve Champion Broodmares, Spiderman MG (ds: Goodtimes) Champion Colts of 2015, Champion Current Year Foals, Szando (ds: Werbellin) Fields and Fences, Champion 2 yr colt, Champion colt/gelding championships, Champion Han IBC, TLF Summer Solstice (ds: Crown Heartbreaker) Broadfields 121 Reserve Champion Yearling Fillies, Broadfields 121 II Reserve Champion Yearling fillies


2014: Jackson MG (ds Goodtimes) NEDA Stallion Futurity Champion, NEDA Fall Show NE USDFBC Finals Reserve Champion Colts of 2014, TLF Summer Solstice (ds: Crown Heartbreaker) UMASS Breed Show champion Fillies of 2014


2013: Dorette MG (ds: Silvano) GMHA Dressage Days Training Level Champion, Centerline Events Reserve Champion Training Level, Georgio (ds: Rubenstein) KDC Champion 2 year old colt, Sapphyre (ds: Rubenstein) Summer Fest Breed Show 3rd place Materiale, Champion 3 yr Fillies, Champion ISR IBC, Shalimar ggf (ds: Wolkenstein II) Windswept I Champion Mare, Reserve Mature Horse Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, Windswept II Champion Mare, Reserve Mature Horse Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, NEDA Fall Show & USDFBC Finals, 3rd place Suitability, Reserve Champion USDFBC Mare Final, Champion Mare, Ten Broeck Farm Materiale Champion


2012: Demimora MG (ds: Flemmingh) Champion Mare Under Saddle, Eva Lucia (ds Bag Shot xx) NW Sporthorse Breeders Site Champion 3 yr USEF Future Event Horse, Florette MG (ds: Silvano) Ten Broeck Champion 2 yr Filly, Champion Filly Championships, Futura (ds Bag Shot xx) NW Sporthorse Breeders Reserve Champion 2 yr USEF Future Event Horse. Galileo MG (ds: Goodtimes) Summer Fest Breed Show Reserve Champion Yearling Colt. Georgio (ds: Rubenstein) Summer Fest Breed Show Champion Yearling Colt, Harlan (ds: Gribaldi) 1st premium dressage foal, Hifive MG (ds: Goodtimes) Brookside Breed Show Champions Foals of 2012, USDF YEA Reserve Champion Colts HOY, KWPN-NA 1st Premium, Satinka (ds: Limited Edition) Deep South Dressage Champion Yearling Fillies, Champion Fillies, Champion Westphalian IBC


2011: Endretti GF (ds: Rhodium) Sunshine Classic I, Champion 2 yr old colt, Champion Colts/Geldings, Champion KWPN IBC, Sunshine Classic II, Champion 2 year old colt, Reserve Champion Colts/Geldings, USDFBC Finals Reserve Champion colt/gelding, NCDCTA Sporthorse Champion 2 yr Colt, Champion Colt/Gelding Championship, Reserve Champion Young Horse, Champion KWPN IBC, Eva Lucia (ds: Bag Shot xx) Beaujolais Group Reserve Champion 2 year Filly, Frauloma MG (ds: Farrington) NEDA Stallion Futurity Champion, Reserve Champion USDFBC finals fillies, Reserve Champion KWPN IBC, Windswept Yearling Champion, Galileo MG (ds: Goodtimes) Champion Colts of 2011, Champion Current Year Foal, High Score KWPN-NA, KWPN-NA 1st Premium, Georgio (ds: Rubenstein) KWPN-NA 1st Premium


2010: Florette MG (ds: Silvano) KWPN-NA 1st Premium dressage foals, Frauloma MG (ds: Flemmingh) KWPN-NA 1st Premium dressage foals


2009: Demimora MG (ds: Flemmingh) Ten Broeck Reserve Champion Yearling, Eloma MG (ds: Goodtimes) KWPN-NA 1st premium, Sir Real LJS (ds: Ferro) Reserve Champion Colts of 2009


2008: Demimora MG (ds: Flemmingh) KWPN-NA 1st Premium, Dorette MG (ds: Silvano) USDF YEA HOY #4 Filly Foal, Maplewood Warmbloods Reserve Champion Fillies of 2008, Ten Broeck Reserve Champion 2008

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