Zirocco Blue VDL, Van Gogh and Verdi Keur, Cantos and Mr Blue Preferent

February 9, 2016

Zirocco Blue VDL, Van Gogh and Verdi Keur, Cantos and Mr Blue Preferent


Zirocco Blue VDL, Van Gogh and Verdi were awarded the keur predicate whil Cantos and Mr. Blue were posthumously awarded the preferent predicate.


Zirocco Blue is very successful in his sports career with Jur Vrieling, but he also stands out in breeding with five KWPN-approved stallions: Durango VDL, Ever Blue, Florian, Golden Dream and Hermitage VDL. His oldest offspring are 8 years old now and are making a breakthrough in the international leagues.

Van Gogh is scoring well at the highest level, with Marco Kutscher he recently triumphed in the Global Champions Tour in Valkenswaard and the 5* competition in Los Angelos. Next to this, the stallion is clearly leaving his marks in breeding. Almost 70% of the mares participating in the keuring were rewarded with the ster predicate. Clearly, the stallion passes on his exterior, movements and jumping qualities.

With a successful participation in the Olympic Games, European Championships and with several victories in Grand-Prix on his name, VDL Groep Verdi TN N.O.P. has achieved a lot with Maikel van der Vleuten. In breeding he proves to be in a class of his own. His first children have just turned 10 years old and last year several were successful at the international level, while still at the age of nine. Meanwhile, he has two KWPN approved stallions: Farmgraaf and First Verdi. Although the breeding values for the sport currently do not meet the desired level yet, the achievements mentioned above have given enough reason to award Verdi the keur predicate.


Mr. Blue and Cantos were posthumously awarded the preferent predicate. Several children of Mr Blue successfully compete at Grand Prix level, just like their sire himself; Zirocco Blue VDL, KWPN-recognized stallion Plot Blue, Simon and VDL Groep Sapphire B are just a few names that stand out. Mr Blue also leaves his mark in the sire line, a condition for obtaining the preferent predicate. Approved sons are the already mentioned Zirocco Blue VDL, Den Ham Blue R, For the Moment and the in autumn approved Malibu and recognized Plot Blue.

The Contender-son Cantos jumped at Grand-Prix level himself. 70% of his daughters presented at the keuring received the ster predicate, of which 2/3 was considered for a higher predicate. Also in the sports Cantos leaves his mark. No less than 20 children of Cantos jump at a 1.50m or higher level. Cantos is also convincing in the sire line with six approved sons: Bosch Blue, Casantos, Dantos HBC, Farfan M, Freestyle and Gullit HBC.