Seven Dressage- and Eight Jumper Stallions Approved

November 19, 2013

Seven Dressage- and Eight Jumper Stallions Approved


The fall performance test, which lasted 50 days, came to a conclusion with the final presentation. Eight jumping stallions were accepted into the studbook. Of not is that all seven dressage stallions that were delivered to the KWPN-center at the start of the test were accepted.


The accepted dressage stallions also included the dressage champion of the Stallion Show in ‘s-Hertogenbosch: Franklin by Ampère (ds. Ferro x Flemmingh). He was finished with the high score of 86.5 points.

The other approved dressage stallions are:

Fellini  (Ampère x Jazz x G. Ramiro Z) 83.5 points
Feel Good  (Contango x OO Seven x Salute) 83 points
For Gribaldi  (Gribaldi x Michelangelo x Eclatant) 85 points
Firestone  (Johnson x Florencio x Painter’s Row xx) 82.5 points
Fashion Hill  (Uphill x San Remo x Cabochon) 77 points
Ebony  (Painted Black x Jazz x Contango) 84 points


The top jumper stallion was F-one USA  (Toulon x Tangelo of Zuuthoeve) with 88.5 points. Again, the Stallion Show champion was also approved, this was the VDL Emmerton son Freeman VDL Freeman VDL (ds. Chin Chin x Ahorn) received a total of 78 points.

The other approved jumper stallions are:

Famous  Famous (Albaran xx x x Karandasj Count Grande) 75.5 points
Freestyle  Freestyle (Cantos x Andiamo x G. Ramiro Z) 77.5 points
Forsyth  Forsyth (Carom x Burggraaf x Voltaire) 81 points
Farmgraaf  Farm Count (Verdi x Heartbreaker x Landgraf I) 79 points
Freezing Rain  Freezing Rain (Typhoon x Heartbreaker x Grandeur) 79.5 points
Edinburgh  Edinburgh (Vleut x Darco x Wisconsin) 77.5 points

The Tuesday before the final evaluation, the committee talked to all owners. As a result, the owner of Fernando (Calvino Z x No Limit x Ekstein) removed his stallion from the investigation, therefore the stallion did not participate in the final exam.