Olivier, Arko III and Peppermill Erkend for KWPN Breeding

April 13, 2010

Olivier, Arko III and Peppermill Erkend for KWPN Breeding


The Gelders stallion selection committee recommended the U.S.-bred and based Olivier and the jumper stallion selection committee recommended Arko III and Peppermill for Erkend status to the KWPN Board of Directors.

The KWPN stallion selection committees regularly evaluate internationally renowned stallions which qualify for individual recognition. To receive KWPN recognition, a stallion must clearly demonstrate excellence at the highest level of international sport, either through his own performance or that of his offspring, or a combination of both. Stallion committee recommendations are brought before the KWPN Board of Directors who accept or reject the recommendations.

Olivier  The stallion selection committee for Gelders horses deemed the stallion Olivier beneficial for Gelders horse breeding because of his pedigree and blood distribution. The committee considered the stallion’s show record and lineage sufficiently compelling in their recommendation to the Board of Directors.
Olivier was born in 1996. The bay stallion measures ± 1.70 m / 16.3 hands. He is by Idocus (Equador x Zonneglans), and his dam Rowillie keur preferent prestatie is by Porter. Rowillie’s dam Kowillie keur preferent is by Graaf Oregon. Farther back in Olivier’s pedigree are daughters by Graaf van Wittenstein and Ewald.

Currently, Olivier competes in Grand Prix dressage in the U.S. with Elisabeth Austin. The stallion is widely known for his good temperament, and he meets KWPN radiographic and respiratory requirements.

Arko III  The bay stallion was born in 1994. He is by Argentinus x a Beachboy (Zeus x Lucky Boy xx) dam. His dam-line includes daughters by Onyx, Duc de Normandie, and Boris. Arko III descends from the Fikse family’s famous Utopia-line.

From 2002 through 2008, the stallion competed in Grand Prix show jumping under Nick Skelton. The combination’s achievements include winning the 2008 Calgary Grand Prix and international team competition in Dublin. In 2005, was he already part of the winning equipe in Dublin and Rome, in 2006, won he among others the large price of Rome and Lucerna. In addition, the pair competed in the European Championships in San Patrignano and Donaueschingen; the World Cup Final in Las Vegas; and the Athens Olympics.

Arko III’s studbook index is 123 with 23% reliability, and he meets KWPN radiographic requirements.

Peppermill  Peppermill, bred by G.J.W. Verstappen of Swalmen, was born in 1997. His sire is Burggraaf, and his dam Litaire is a Voltaire daughter x Rosita (Lector x Glavius). Competing under the name Expo Graphic, Rosita was a Grand Prix show jumper with Eric van der Vleuten.

Peppermill continues to be an active and successful international show jumper. John Whitaker has been his rider since 2006. Several weeks ago, the combination placed second in the Grand Prix of Vejer de la Frontera. They have won several Grand Prix and have been part of a winning international show jumping team multiple times. Peppermill also competed in the European Championships in Mannheim, the World Championships in Aachen, and the Beijing Olympics.

Peppermill’s jumping index is 148 with a reliability of 56%. His breeding value for conformation is 103, movement 103, and free-jumping 109. The stallion meets KWPN radiographic requirements. He has had past respiratory surgery.