Namelus R, Numero Uno and Indorado Keur

February 29, 2008

Namelus R, Numero Uno and Indorado Keur


The stallions Numero Uno, Namelus R, and Indorado received their keur predicates in February for reasons described below.

A remarkably large number of Numero Uno offspring are currently breaking into international show jumping. Given the stallion’s jumping index of 146 and high reliability of 93%, his offspring competing at the national level are also excelling. Numero Uno offspring are often distinguished by their good jumper conformation. They have a nice forehand and frequently inherit their sire’s strong presence. In addition, they are noted for both their trot and canter, which are big, supple, powerful, and balanced. Numero Uno passes on his positive traits to both fillies and colts. Take, for example, his approved sons, such as Tygo, Unaniem, Van Gogh, Viento Uno W, Vincenzo, and Warrant. Numero Uno’s daughter, Willemijn became keur mare champion and the only horse to score 90 points in the IBOP test last year.

Indorado was a successful international show jumper with Jur Vrieling. The gray stallion has influenced breeding a great deal in past years. This year, he climbed in the jumping index to 141 with a high reliability of 94%. Many of his offspring are international show jumpers. Currently, the KWPN has record of 15 international Grand Prix jumpers and eight international 1.40/1.45m jumpers sired by Indorado. Among the best known are Oranta with Chris Kappler; Eurocommerce Milano and Eurocommerce Lanapoule with Gerco Schröder; and Olona with Cassio Rivetti. Breeding values for conformation show that Indorado produces offspring with very good rectangular shaped bodies. In addition, he passes on a big canter, and his offspring demonstrate abundant talent in free jumping. Furthermore, Indorado offspring, on average, are almost four centimeters taller than their sire. Indorado’s son, Radisson, is available for KWPN breeding.

Namelus R was bred by and is still owned by Stal Roelofs of Den Ham. The dam-line of this Concorde son is also that of Stal Roelofs and includes their much used sires Joost and Abgar xx. Namelus R’s oldest offspring are now nine years old. His index is 160 with 85% reliability. Breeding values for conformation show that Namelus R passes on good conformation. His offspring usually have nice rectangular shaped bodies. They are particularly noted for their powerful push in the canter. Furthermore, this stallion’s offspring generally demonstrate very good reflexes, use their bodies well, and show lots of scope. Namelus R’s first KWPN approved son is Tolan R. Of the 105 Namelus R offspring currently competing in show jumping, 19 are classified at levels Z or ZZ, or compete at the national level.