Florianus II Approved by KWPN

March 23, 2010

Florianus II Approved by KWPN


The Grand Prix dressage stallion Florianus was approved by the KWPN recently after a short performance test of five days on American soil. This was the first time that a KWPN performance test took place in America under the supervision of its daughter organization, the KWPN-NA.

Previously, to be approved by the KWPN stallions had to go to the Netherlands. Idocus is an example. Because of the long distance, an agreement was made with the KWPN-NA that the short test could also take place in North America. Obviously, the conditions and criteria for approval are exactly the same as those in the Netherlands. This applies to pedigree, conformation, performance (talent), health and character. The KWPN stallion inspection committee is responsible just as it is in the Netherlands. Because of this, stallions approved in North America have the same status as stallions approved in the Netherlands.

Florianus is a son of Florestan I out of Die Dame, a daughter of the Hanoverian stallion Damenstolz. She is a full sister of the Hanoverian stallion Dottore. Florianus comes from the same mother as the Westphalen approved Funkenstolz (s Funkenspiel). The dam line is further supported by a daughter of Rigoletto, after which the mare lines continues with daughters of the Hanoverian stallions and Wohlan and Seneka II. The bay stallion was born in 1998 and has a height of 1.68 m. The stallion is owned by Iron Spring Farm.

Because the stallion has started Grand Prix dressage with Belinda Nairn Wertman, is a test of five days for stall behavior is sufficient. Consequently, three weeks ago the stallion was assigned to the barn of John and Beezie Madden in Wellington (FL) for that period of time. Wim Ernes, Arie Hamoen and Bart Henstra as an inspector for KWPN-NA, visited the stallion several times during this period. The conclusion after five days was that the stallion was quiet, easy-going and that no stall vices were observed. The announcement of the approval of Florianus could be done at the conclusion of the KWPN-NA Annual Meeting which took place during the same period. Wim Ernes, incidentally, was also an O judge for the FEI in Wellington.

The jury described Florianus as an attractive, well-developed stallion with a more than sufficient dressage horse model. The neck has good length and direction with sufficient muscling and comes from deep in the chest. The wither is well developed, the back is a good length but slightly hollow. The croup is short. The front leg is of sufficient length with correct position. The hind is straight. The feet are well-developed but narrow.

The stallion was also presented under saddle, at which time it was noticed that the stallion had very good willingness to work. The walk is correct with sufficient scope. The trot is supple could be carried a little more and could show a little more power. Florianus collects easily to piaffe and passage. In the canter Florianus shows good posture, scope and flexibility and also worked well in this gait.

Breeding advice is as follows. Florianus can improve the front and add rideability and suppleness. The stallion should be used with long-lined mares.