Fifteen Stallions Approved

December 2, 2013

Fifteen Stallions Approved


On Saturday, November 16th, the 50-day fall performance test at the KWPN Center concluded with the approval of eight jumper stallions and seven dressage stallions. Spectators came in droves to view the young stallions up close in the facility’s Willem Alexanderhal.

The fall performance test kicked off on September 30th with a strong group of twenty stallions, although one jumper stallion was removed from the KWPN Center one week after the start of the test due to a fungal infection. He was subsequently returned once the infection had healed. Remarkably, the Selection Committee approved all seven dressage stallions upon conclusion of the test. Another remarkable fact was the approval of both stallion selection champions: Franklin (s.Ampère, breeders: Stal Gasaya of Dorst and Veehandel Musterd BV of Hooge Zwaluwe) and Freeman VDL (s.Emmerton, breeder: VDL Stud of Beers). Furthermore, Franklin earned the top score in this performance test among the dressage stallions: 86.5 points, while the Toulon son F-one USA (breeder: Th.H.W. ten Brinke of Varsseveld and R. Bril of Westendorp) stole the show among the jumper stallions with 88.5 points.

Approved dressage stallions:

Franklin (Ampère x Ferro) 86.5 points
Fellini (Ampère x Jazz) 83.5 points
Feel Good (Contango x OO Seven) 83 points
For Gribaldi (Gribaldi x Michelangelo) 85 points
Firestone (Johnson x Florencio) 82.5 points
Fashion Hill (Uphill x San Remo) 77 points
Ebony (Painted Black x Jazz) 84 points

Approved jumper stallions:

F-one USA (Toulon x Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve) 88.5 points
Freeman VDL (Emmerton x Chin Chin) 78 points
Famous (Albaran xx x Karandasj) 75.5 points
Freestyle (Cantos x Andiamo) 77.5 points
Forsyth (Carambole x Voltaire) 81 points
Farmgraaf (Verdi x Heartbreaker ) 79 points
Freezing Rain (Typhoon x Heartbreaker) 79.5 points
Edinburgh (Vleut x Darco) 77.5 points