Eebert Approved for Harness Horse Breeding

| May 25, 2012

Good scores for Eebert (Atleet x Veldine keur by Manno).

The three-year-old harness horse stallion Eebert (Atleet x Veldine keur by Manno, breeder: P.J.M. Lelieveld), owned by the Van Manen brothers and V.C.J. van Beest, was approved on Thursday for KWPN breeding. The same day, his name was changed from Ebert to Eebert to avoid confusion with a past breeding stallion by the name Ebert.

Lead trainer Udo de Haan presented a rather fresh Eebert, who gave another very convincing performance. Judges Ad Geurts and Peter Stevens once again were able to award the stallion with good scores.

Linear Scoring
Front: 8.5
Self-Carriage: 9
Suspension 8.5
Action of the foreleg: 8.5
Use of the hind leg: 8.5
Willingness: 9
Overall picture as a harness horse: 8.5


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