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October 1, 2012

Bosch Blue KWPN Approved


The KWPN today approved the stallion Bosch Blue (s. Cantos) in the first ever 21-Day Test in North America.
Bosch Blue 2011For the first time ever, a 21-day KWPN performance test was held in Alberta,Canada, under the authority of the KWPN-NA. The 6-year-old Bosch Blue, completed his test today and was approved by the KWPN.

The Cantos son, bred by A. Broek of Lierop, is out of the ster mare Pavona, a daughter of Mr. Blue x G.Ramiro Z x Nimmerdor.

Last year Bosch Blue successfully completed his Jumping IBOP during the regular KWPN-NA keuring tour as part of the approval process. Additionally, the stallion has been in competition and is doing well compared to other horses the same age.

During the 21-Day Performance Test, Bosch Blue wasl be stabled at Rockpointe Equestrian in Dewington, located near Calgary. His trainer and rider during the test was Jim Ifko. Nikkie Verdonschot of the Netherlands was present for the duration of the test to care for the stallion and relay information concerning him to the KWPN.

Bosh Blue was evaluated three times during his stay at the testing facility. KWPN senior inspector Wim Versteeg and Toine Hoefs attended the stallion’s arrival at the test facility on September 10th, Bart Henstra and Lana Sneddon, conducted an interim evaluation at the conclusion of the regular keuring tour, and at the end of his test, Bosch Blue wasevaluated two times by Wim Versteeg and Arie Hamoen, past Chairman of the Stallion Selection Committee for Riding Horses.

The evaluation criteria and standards used in North America are the same as those of the KWPN in Holland. Bosch Blue meets all KWPN veterinary requirements. With his approval, Bosch Blue will have the same status as approved stallions in Holland that have successfully completed the stallion approval process.

Carriage & Balance
Talent for JumpingTotal
8.5 (x2)
8    (x2)
7    (x2)
7.5 (x2)