Report from the Road: Norwegian Hill Farm (WI) – Sept 3, 2023

September 14, 2023

Report from the Road: Norwegian Hill Farm (WI) – Sept 3, 2023


Report from the Road – Norwegian Hill Farm (Wisconsin)

Oconomowoc, WI  USA
DeAnna Gruelich
Jury:  Bart Henstra & Stan Creemers
Handlers: Marcel Van Bruggen & Thijs de Schepper
Photographer: Jessica Darby
Editor:  Tracy Geller-Stearns

Joining us for the second part of the 2023 KWPN NA Keuring Tour… the esteemed judging team of Mr. Bart Henstra and a newbie, Mr. Stan Creemers.  These gentlemen will be visiting the western half of the USA and finishing up in Canada before traveling back home to the Netherlands!

Thank you to host DeAnna Gruelich for a well organized keuring with a good schedule and smoothly run, at her beautiful facility,  Norwegian Hill Farm.

Thank You to Jessica Darby Photography for generously providing beautiful photographs for this report!  You may view and purchase other images via her at her website: Jessica Darby Photo

Judge Bart Henstra, host DeAnna Greulich & Judge Stan Creemers © Jessica Darby Photo



Riding Classes- IBOP, DG Bar & GES Cup classes:
Thank you to our cup class sponsors, DG Bar Breeders and Global Equine Sires

Studbook Classes:
Thank you to our Keuring Championship Award Sponsor, Iron Spring Farm

Young Horse Classes:

Foals/Weanlings – Dressage

TIMBER WF (Le Formidable x Dieni R elite EPTM (dr) PROK D-OC by Uphill, BREEDER: JENNIFER ZAUEL, OWNER:  BETSY DOYLE LEVY)  High score dressage foal.  TIMBER WF is an elegant, long legged dressage type.  He has a long, vertical neck , a good body and correct legs.  In movement he shows a very expressive use of the front leg,  he is supple in trot and canter with good reach and an uphill balance.

Timber WF ©Jessica Darby Photo


TALLADEGA GS (Louisville HTF x O’Canada by Don Deluxe, BREEDER: JAIMIE GREVENGOED, OWNER: Catherine Mercer) This is a longlined and well muscled colt, with a very long, well shaped neck and a good topline.  He has good technique in movement;  a well balanced trot with good reach and the canter has sufficient length of stride and power.

Talladega GS ©Jessica Darby Photo


Foals/Weanlings – Jumper

TAREZZO M (Arezzo VDL keur x Katniss SPF by Van Gogh keur, BREEDER/OWNER: MARY A. ELLENBERGER DVM) This colt was our high score jumper.  He is an elegant, well proportioned and longlined colt.  He has a well shaped neck, long withers, and correct and lean legs.  His canter is well balanced and  light footed with a good length of stride.

Tarezzo M  ©Jessica Darby Photo


TRANSCENDENT M (Imothep x Imalottie SPF ster PROK by Zavall VDL,  BREEDER/OWNER: MARY A. ELLENBERGER DVM) A well muscled colt showing sufficient length, a correct body and legs. He also has a long strided and active canter with good balance.

Transcendent M ©Jessica Darby Photo

Keuring High Score:   TIMBER WF (Le Formidable x Dieni R elite EPTM (dr) PROK D-OC by Uphill, BREEDER: JENNIFER ZAUEL, OWNER:  BETSY DOYLE LEVY)

First Premiums:

Foals/Weanlings – Dressage

Conformation/ Movement

TIMBER WF (Le Formidable x Uphill)


TALLADEGA GS ((Louisville HTF x Don Deluxe)


THEODOSIUS (Gaudi x Everglade VDL)


TEMPAVIA LTD (Gaudi x Jazz)


TRUE GOLD GS (Gaudi x Rousseau)


TIAGO WF (Va’Pensiero x Ampere)


Foals/Weanling – Jumper

TAREZZO M (Arezzo VDL x Van Gogh)


TRANSCENDENT M (Imothep x Zavall VDL)


Yearlings – Dressage

SILHOUETTE NHF (Gaudi x Sir Sinclair)


Two Year Olds – Dressage

RUMBA (Gaudi x Sure Hit)


DG Bar Cup 7/8 YO

Leonardo Z (Glamourdale x Havel)



**These remarks are for a snapshot in the lifetime of a horse. Not all first premium or ster horses are mentioned in “The Report from the Road”; only those horses that really stand out to the jury.**


Leonardo Z ©Jessica Darby Photo


©Jessica Darby Photo


©Jessica Darby Photo


© Jessica Darby Photo