Report from the Road: Florida Horse Park (FL)- Sept 3, 2023

September 14, 2023

Report from the Road: Florida Horse Park (FL)- Sept 3, 2023


Report from the Road –  Florida Horse Park (Ocala, Florida)

Ocala, FL, USA
Emily Holmes
Jury:  Floor Dröge  & Arie Hamoen
Handlers: Dean Graham & Megan Fischer
Editor:  Tracy Geller-Stearns

Our final stop for this jury team takes us to  the wonderful Florida Horse Park, in Ocala.
We started with the IBOP and DGB/GES cup classes under a nice sunny sky. The free movement was done in the covered arena,  and with a little wind it was a top place to be.  Many thanks to our host Emily Holmes for stepping up to organize this Keuring on short notice!

Since this is the last Keuring of our tour, the Jury would like to thank the KWPN-NA for all their help to arrange travel etc.  Thank you to all of the hosts for their organization which enabled us to do our work and especially: thank you to all of the breeders and owners for their trust to show their horses to us!  We loved to share our knowledge with you all,  and are looking forward to seeing everybody again next time!  – Floor & Arie



Riding Classes- IBOP, DG Bar & GES Cup classes:
Thank you to our cup class sponsors, DG Bar Breeders and Global Equine Sires

Dressage IBOP

LADY ZONIK ( Zonik x Hakuna Matata by Apache pref, BREEDER: A.J.P. BOUWHUIS, OWNER: KERRYANN SCHADE).  Lady Zonik is a well developed mare; she has an uphill body, a good forehand and a correct foundation.  In her IBOP, she shows a walk that is clear with more then enough overtrack.  The trot has a good rhythm and the hindleg is well engaged and carrying.  Her Front leg is elegant with a good elevation.  She could be a bit more supple.  The canter is uphill with good technique and posture and she shows a nice ability to collect.  She could be a bit more through the body. She showed good rideability and improved in the second part of the test.  With her successful IBOP score, and positive marks for her conformation, today she becomes a Keur mare, Congratulations!


Studbook Classes:
Thank you to our Keuring Championship Award Sponsor, Iron Spring Farm

Congratulations to new ster gelding, OSCEOLA F (Indoctro pref x Fortuna Goud by Navarone, BREEDER/OWNER: SANDI LIEB)

Congratulations to new ster gelding, PACINO SSF (Vivino x Bowendy SSF prest by Sir Sinclair keur D-OC, BREEDER/OWNER: CARROLL & CAROL TOLMAN)


Young Horse Classes:

Foals/Weanlings – Dressage

This colt has a lot of expression, he is developed enough with a good forehand.  At the moment the back is a bit weak.  He moves with a lot of technique and mechanics. He showed alot of tension in his front end, and because of that he could have been looser in his back. He shows good balance in the canter.

Foals/Weanlings – Jumper

TINA TURNER MSH (Casallco x G-Korette by Bugatti VDL, BREEDER/OWNER: Natalie k Laschewski)
This filly shows an elegant type,  she is correct and sufficiently developed.  She showed a good canter; she is light footed and is able to collect and extend.        

TANGO EH (Diamant’s Legacy x Gingerloma MG by Navarone, BREEDER/OWNER: Emily Holmes).  This colt shows a strong build and is a  really nice model. He has a good trot, and his canter is active but he is a bit tight in the back.        


Tango EH


Keuring High Score:  TINA TURNER MSH (Casallco x G-Korette by Bugatti VDL, BREEDER/OWNER: Natalie k Laschewski)

First Premiums:

Foals/Weanlings – Dressage

Conformation/ Movement

THEODORE BMF (Franklin x Rascalino)


Foals/Weanling – Jumper

TINA TURNER MSH (Casallco x Bugatti VDL)


TANGO EH (Diamant’s Legacy x Navarone)


TALINA FD (Don Quichot x Solitair)


TIMES SQUARE FD (Don Quichot x City Place XX)


TEEKARLA V (Carioca ZE x Veron)


Yearlings – Dressage

SUDDEN IMPULSE (Le Formidable x His Royal Badness)




Stb/Ster 3 Year Old – Dressage

PACINO SSF (Vivino x Sir Sinclair)

70/75     Ster

Stb/Ster 4-to-7 Years –  Dressage

LADY ZONIK (Zonik x Apache)

75/80    Ster, Keur

Stb/Ster 4-to-7 Year  –  Jumper

OSCEOLA F (Indoctro x Navarone)

70/75     Ster

IBOP – Dressage

LADY ZONIK (Zonik x Apache)


IBOP – Jumper

OSCEOLA F (Indoctro x Navarone)


GES Cup for 4-Year-Olds

OSCEOLA F (Indoctro x Navarone)


**These remarks are for a snapshot in the lifetime of a horse. Not all first premium or ster horses are mentioned in “The Report from the Road”; only those horses that really stand out to the jury.**

Talina FD

Times Square FD