Report from the Road – Doc Ridge Keuring (ON), September 17, 2022

September 20, 2022

Report from the Road – Doc Ridge Keuring (ON), September 17, 2022


Report from the Road – KWPN-NA Keuring Doc Ridge Dressage, Ontario 9/17/22

Date: 9/17/2022
Location: Doc Ridge, Puslinch, ON, Canada
Host: Paula Fedeyko
Jury: Bart Henstra & Arie Hamoen


The judges visited 2022 KWPN-NA Riding Horse Keuring Tour at Doc Ridge Dressage, in Ontario, on the 17th of September.  Thank you to our new site host, Paula Fedeyko and also to the jury, and all of our participants.

Please remember, that the jury’s remarks are for a snapshot in the lifetime of a horse.
Not all first premium or ster horses are mentioned in “The Report from the Road”; only those horses that really stood out to the jury.

Dressage Mares for Studbook/Ster 3 YO:

Orzo DR
 (For Romance x Kalamata Dream Ster, Keur El. s. Desperado)
Owner: Emily Hill
Breeder: Doc Ridge Dressage
This 3 year old mare is a modern dressage type.  She has a well shaped neck, well developed withers and lean legs.  She shows a good length of stride in walk, a supple trot with good leg technique.  She becomes Ster and Keur eligible today as well as the High Score Adult Dressage horse.

Orzo DR (For Romance x Desperado) PC: Emily Hill Photo


2yr Olds – Dressage:

Paris WF (Secret x Lucille s. Wynton)
Owner: Pam Anderson
Breeder: Jennifer Zauel

A daughter of Secret, Paris WF is longlined and elegant but somewhat downhill today.  She shows a good length of stride in the walk, a supple trot with good reach and adjustability.  She has good articulation of her joints and the canter is active.  1st Premium


Paris WF (Secret x Wynton)   PC: Ian Woodley Photo


IBOP – Jumper:

Kachouiada Bloom Ster Keur (Quality Time x Feather Bloom s. Mr. Blue Keur)
Owner: Anna Szcurko
Breeder: Suzanne Trickey, Bloomington Farm
Kachouiada Bloom is a ster mare, and today she earns her Keur predicate for her successful IBOP performance. She is a very willing mare that is careful with a good overview for jumping. She shows us a well balanced and longstrided canter, with good technique and bascule over the jump.


Kachouiada Bloom Ster Keur Eligible (Quality Time x Mr. Blue) PC: Ian Woodley Photo

List of First Premiums:

Foals/Weanlings – Dressage
Sterlinghall HFS DR (Just Wimphof x Ferro)                                      73/75
Sangria DR (Just Wimphof x Ferro)                                                       71/72                

Foals/Weanlings – Jumper
Simcoe (Quabri de L’isle x Van Gogh)                                                   70/72

Yearlings – Hunter
Rocha-Roché   (Gaudi x Stedinger)                                                        74/68

2 Year Olds – Dressage:
Paris WF (Secret x Wynton)                                                                     73/82

STB/Ster Mares 3YO – Dressage:
Orzo DR (For Romance x Desperado)                                                   75/75 Ster, Keur Eligible

GES Cup for 3 Yr Olds: (Free Jump)
Oh Look at Me (Jilbert van’t Ruytershof x Regilio)                            68        

IBOP – Jumper:
Kachouiada Bloom Ster Keur Eligible (Quality Time x Mr. Blue)   82, Keur


A nice moment captured at the Doc Ridge KWPN Keuring; Paula Fedeyko holding her mare beside her 3 young daughters that she has bred out of her. Left to right: 1. Kalamata Dream Keur Elig, Ster sired by Desperado N.O.P (Vivaldi x Havidoff) out of Flindelin E Elite, Prok (Tango x Sir Sinclair x Ferro) 2. 2019 Orzo DR Keur Elig, Ster sired by For Romance (Furst Romancier x Sir Donnerhall I) out of Kalamata Dream 3. 2020 Pasteli DR sired by Negro (Ferro x Variant) out of Kalamata Dream 4. 2021 Revani DR sired by Jovian (Apache x Tango) out of Kalamata Dream


Find the original file of the Report from the Road from the KWPN-NA Keuring at Doc Ridge Dressage in Ontario on the 17th of September, 2022, HERE.