Preferent Stallion Patijn Deceased

January 29, 2015

Preferent Stallion Patijn Deceased


The preferentDay 4 - Oregon Trohy harness stallion Patijn (Kolonel x Julony ster pref by Renovo, breeder H. Til, owner Patijn Equine Center in New Haven, IN) has died. On January 27, 2015, Patijn showed signs of colic and was transported to a clinic. There he was operated on and it looked good initially. But his condition deteriorated afterwards and there was nothing more that could be done for him and he died the morning of the 28th.

This year Patijn once again leads the harness breeding index with161 and a reliability of 80% or higher.

Born in 1997, Patijn was entered into the studbook in 2000. Drikus Vonk and Harmannus Boelens were the owners at that time, but Boelens became the sole owner afterward. In 2013 Patijn (who was now owned by Roelof Harm Veenstra) was awarded the preferent predicated. That same year Veenstra sold the stallion to the U.S. At the time Patijn had stood at stud at Veenstra’s stallion station.

Patijn sired 23 offspring in the U.S., including two licensed sons – Whiskei and Zion-JC. He sired 12 daughters, including four studbook, three ster and one keur mare.

In Holland Patijn sired 717 offspring including 155 studbook, 101 ster, 16 keur, 2 elite and 2 PROK mares. Of his more than 560 4-year-olds and older offspring, 71 perform in sport. That is 13%. Patijnlaan produced several very good competition and keuring mares, including champions, but his offspring are also doing well in combined driving. Several well-known daughters were exported to the U.S.

The bay stallion also produced four approved sons (Artiflex , Athlete , Fantijn and Waldemar) and four approved grandsons ( Cizandro , Colonist , Eebert and Earl Kelly). Recently the Patijn son Hermanus (d. Biantha elite by Manno) was designated for the second round on February 7th in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Patijn himself performed very well in harness. He was the three-time Dutch Champion of breeding stallions, four-time winner of the Oregon Trophy and won the Manno. In 2008, Patijn was voted the Harness Horse of the Year.