Predicate series part 6: the Prestatie predicate

June 16, 2024

Predicate series part 6: the Prestatie predicate

The Prestatie predicate is one of the most prestigious predicates that a KWPN mare can obtain. It is proof that she produced offspring that performed at the top of sports.

Divine SCF Prestatie (Krack C Prestatie X Silvio I) Carlos & Karin Jimenez, breeders of Divine: “Divine SCF Prestatie was everything we ever had hoped for. Of special interest is that Divine was never presented for Ster and Keur predicates because she had a bad case of Lyme’s disease as a young horse. So unfortunately she never got any of the predicates, except the prestigious Prestatie predicate at the age of just 13, based on all the sport results of her amazing offspring! We are so incredibly proud of her for that!”


The Prestatie predicate is awarded to KWPN registered mares that have a minimum of two offspring earning a combined minimum of five points as described in the “Prestatie Point System”. The predicate may also be awarded posthumously.


Performance in two disciplines by a single offspring both count toward the prestatie predicate according to the point system. In the case of multiple performances in the same discipline, only the higher one will count. See chart for point system.


You have to send in a request for mare research to the office to obtain this predicate.


More info on the Prestatie predicates and how to apply, read HERE.


Points earned through Performance Points
Completed stallion performance test¹ 1
Completed stallion performance test and is approved¹ 2
IBOP earning the minimum points for prestatie² 1
Dressage competition at Z1+1 one point at L3T1 or higher)³ 1
Dressage competition at Z2+1 (one point at L3T2 or higher)³ 2
Dressage competition at Grand Prix 3
Jumping competition M+5 (5 points at Level 5 or higher)³ 1
Jumping competition Z+1 (1 point at Level 6 or higher)³ 2
Jumping competition at Grand Prix 3
Combined training M+5 (5 points at Training or higher) ³ 1
Combined training Z+1 (1 point at Preliminary or higher) ³ 2
Combined Driving at International level, participating in all components³ 1
¹ Performance test – A son that has completed the 1996 or later KWPN Performance Test in Holland or in North America.
² IBOP riding test
Each offspring that meets one of the following criteria can earn 1 point.
Through 1994 90 points, gaits average of 9
90 points, jumping 9, min. gaits average of 6
1995–2005 45 points for jumping
45 points for dressage, basic gaits minimum of 7
85 points overall, basic gaits minimum of 6
2006 and later 80 points
² IBOP driving test
Through 1994 Minimum 90 points 2
1995 and later more than 80 points but less than 85 1
85 points or more (all scores minimum of 8) 2
³ Sport (Dressage tests 2003 and later only!)
Z1 dressage = L3T1; Z2 dressage = L3T2
M jumping (1.20m) = (3’11”) Jumper: Level 5 or Hunter: Second year Green
Z jumping ((1.30m) = (4’3”) Jumper Level 6 or Hunter: Regular Working Hunter
M eventing (CC 1.20m) = Training level (3’11”); Z eventing (CC 1.30m) = Preliminary level (4’3”)