Predicate series part 3: the PROK predicate

June 16, 2024

Predicate series part 3: the PROK predicate

The breeding purpose of the KWPN states, among other things, that it wants to breed healthy horses that can perform at the highest level in sports. Ensuring the correct selection based on health characteristics is important to guarantee its distinctive character as a studbook.

The PROK predicate, which stands for ‘Project Röntgenologisch Onderzoek KWPN’ (Project Radiographical Research KWPN in English) is awarded only to horses that meet the KWPN’s radiographic requirements. This means the horse has good bone quality, which—if bred—it can pass on to any potential offspring.

How to go about when you want to receive this predicate? Have your vet take the specific radiographs needed. The images are then sent to the KWPN and officially assessed by the PROK committee, which consists of independent veterinarians. They must be evaluated by the KWPN within three months of being taken. With a positive evaluation, the PROK certificate is awarded.

The radiographs may be taken any time after April 1 of the two-year-old year. The PROK requirements for stallions have recently been updated by the KWPN.  Read more about this HERE. 

Read more about the PROK predicate HERE.