Predicate series part 1: the Preferent Predicate

June 16, 2024

Predicate series part 1: the Preferent Predicate


The Preferent Predicate

The preferent (preferred) predicate is a predicate that’s earned by offspring for their dam. If at least three of her offspring have obtained the ster, keur or elite predicate at an inspection or have at least been designated for the second viewing of the KWPN stallion selection, a mare has earned the preferent predicate. If one of her offspring has been approved by a KWPN-recognized studbook, this also counts towards the mother’s preference status.

The preferent predicate therefore proves the breeding quality of the mare: she has proven to produce offspring with good conformation and the necessary talent.

Since the ster, keur and elite predicates can be earned at keurings (inspections) only, this emphasizes the importance of taking your horses to a keuring!
Do you think your mare might be eligible for a preferent predicate? Fill in the form ‘request for mare research’. The preferent predicate may also be awarded posthumously.

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