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June 8, 2013

News from Spruce Meadows


The final day of the Spruce Meadows ‘National’ Tournament had two exciting competitions that featured speed and stamina. Leslie Howard (USA) and Lennox Lewis 2 (Laureatus took their second victory in the $175,000 Nexen Cup 1.60m Derby, equaling their 2011 finish. Olympic gold medalist Eric Lamaze went into another gear to notch the week’s first Canadian victory in the International Ring in the $40,000 ATCO Structures & Logistics Cup 1.50m.

$175,000 Nexen Cup 1.60m Derby

Since the course was re-designed by Leopoldo Palacios in 2007, there have only been three clear rounds in the history of the Nexen Cup Derby. Riders tackle the same course every year. Two of the clear rounds in the history of the class were tallied by Beezie Madden and Judgement, three-time winners of the competition. Pablo Barrios and G&C Sinatra were also clear in 2010. Last year’s winners, Richard Spooner and Cristallo, had just one time fault.

Today’s competition had 17 entries. Two horse and rider combinations were able to get through the course with the least amount of faults: Beezie Madden and Wrigley were the first to accumulate just four faults, which came at fence 3a of the table bank. Seven horses later, it was 2011 Nexen Cup Derby winners Leslie Howard and Lennox Lewis 2 who had one rail at fence 11, the dry ditch oxer.
The two riders could have jumped off for the winner’s share of prize money; however, Wrigley could not come back for a jump-off. Howard and Lennox Lewis 2 returned and completed the jump-off with four faults in 54.27 seconds for the win.

Final Results: $175,000 Nexen Cup 1.60m Derby

2. Wrigley: KWPN mare (Padinus x Burggraaf)
Beezie Madden (USA), John Madden Sales, Inc: 4/159.18

3. Wistful: KWPN mare (Grand Star x Polydor)
Ashlee Bond (USA), Little Valley Farm: 8/155.05

7. Tom Tom: KWPN gelding (Calvados x Joost)
Femke Van Den Bosch (CAN), Jacquie and John van den Bosch: 16/167.79

9. Utopia: KWPN mare (Ircolando x Notaris)
John Perez (COL), John Perez: 20/163.91

10. Wannahave: KWPN gelding (Manhattan x G.Ramiro Z)
Mclain Ward (USA), The Wannahave Group: 20/178.76

Lamaze Victorious in Speed Class

The $40,000 ATCO Structures & Logistics Cup 1.50m featured 21 entries going for speed over a faults converted format course. Going second to last, it was Eric Lamaze and Wang Chung M2S who would be able to take the lead with a time of 84.74 seconds. Three horses earlier, it was Reed Kessler (USA) and Ligist who set a time of 85.33 seconds, which would eventually finish second. Cameron Hanley (IRL) and Newton du Haut Bois were third with a time of 85.58 seconds.

Final Results: $40,000 ATCO Structures & Logistics Cup 1.50m

1. Wang Chung M2S: KWPN stallion (Royal Bravour x Ahorn)
Eric Lamaze (CAN), Morningside Stud & Torrey Pines Stable: 84.74

10. Amboselli: KWPN gelding (Silverstone x Lancelot)
Pablo Barrios (VEN), Pablo Barrios: 94.08

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