Participate in the IBOP during the Keuring tour

June 16, 2024

Participate in the IBOP during the Keuring tour

During our upcoming North American Keuring tour (inspection tour), your horse can participate in the ‘IBOP’. IBOP stands for ‘Individual Suitability Test for Horses’. It is an aptitude test, not a regular show test. The goal is to gain insight into a horse’s natural talent for sport in their respective breeding direction. 

KWPN judge Floor Dröge with Lauren Chumley and Masterful Dream ster IBOP (dr) (Everdale x Zsa Zsa ster D-OC by Jazz pref) after completing their IBOP at the 2023 Iron Spring Farm keuring
Breeder: MJ Proulx
Owner: Lauren Chumley
© Purple Horse Designs Photo

The horses that participate in the IBOP under saddle or in Harness are presented by their own rider or driver. A maximum of 100 points is possible, with 75 points required to pass the test. Each breeding direction has their own specific age related IBOP tests.

Predicates to be earned with the IBOP:
When a horse passes the IBOP, they receive the IBOP predicate. If a horse was never inspected, it can be inspected after doing the IBOP. If the horse was inspected before and received Keur Eligible, they will receive the Keur predicate by passing the IBOP. If the PROK and/ or D-OC predicate was already received, they will get an automatic upgrade to Elite. Please note that there are unique rules for the Harness Horse IBOP in North America.

So: participating in the IBOP can be very useful for several reasons!

Read more about the IBOP HERE. 
Watch IBOP presentations from the AGM and previous Keuring tours HERE.


We’ll discuss the other young horse tests that you can participate in during the Keuring tour in a different post. More information on the Keuring tour HERE