New Rules for Register B and Non-Erkend Studbook Horses at Keurings

March 16, 2017

New Rules for Register B and Non-Erkend Studbook Horses at Keurings


Starting in 2017, the following rules will apply to Register B horses and Non-Erkend Studbook horses wanting to participate in keurings:

Register B horses CAN:

  • Participate in keurings
  • Earn IBOP, Sport, PROK, D-OC, Preferent or Prestatie predicates
  • Earn Ribbons of Participation at keuring
  • Get evaluated with a linear scoresheet (3+ years old)
  • Get oral evaluation (foal inspection-2 years)
  • Mares with studbook quality (50 conformation/50 movement) foals can be Reg A as long as sired by KWPN approved or Erkend STB stallions

Register B horses CANNOT:

  • Move into Foalbook or STB
  • Receive Ster or Keur
  • Be presented for stallion Licensing or Advice classes
  • Be branded
  • Receive Top Fives or Keuring Championship awards
  • Receive premium ribbons

Horses from Non-Erkend Studbooks

  • Must have 3 generations Dutch in pedigree (must send pedigree in for approval before keuring)
  • Canadian Warmblood, American Warmblood, RPSI, ISR/Old, ADHHA, etc.
  • Must be parentage verified via DNA
  • Will have pedigree stamped with new KWPN status if approved
  • Cannot be branded
  • Can qualify for Top Fives, Keuring Championships, Ster, Keur, Elite, Sport, PROK, D-OC, Preferent, Prestatie
  • Stallions can go for Advice or Licensing only after pre-approval with Stallion Committee
  • Sire must be KWPN Approved/Erkend or approved with Erkend Studbook.
  • Dam’s lineage will determine if foals from inspected horse will be Register A or Foalbook.


Questions regarding these rule changes can be directed at the office ([email protected]). Please check back on the website and Facebook page for any updates or changes as we get closer to keuring season.