North American Stallion Sport Test 2023

October 7, 2023

North American Stallion Sport Test 2023


North American Stallion Sport Test- 2023

The NA Stallion Sport Test ~ the best route for fulfilling sport performance requirements for stallions.

Mirrored after the successful 3-Day Stallion Sport Tests offered in Germany, NASST is organized through the cooperation of multiple breed registries, has the support of the German FN that sanctions the European testing, and the results are accepted by all the major sporthorse breed registries.

2023 Stallion Test Dates:  October 6-8 in Solvang, CA   &   October 10-12 in Colora, MD


Judges: Gerd Sickinger, Matthias Granzow, & Floor Dröge.

Dressage Expert: Josef Freese.

Jumping Expert: Bernhard Thoben.

Test Riders: Marion Ostmeyer (jumpers – both sites), Inga Hamilton (dressage – west coast), Jessica Wisdom (dressage – east coast).

FN Representative: Maren Schlender.


Go to the NASST website for the schedule, more info & news. Make sure to follow the Facebook page too for most up to date info, videos and pics.

The emphasis in assessment of young stallions has moved away from a static, single period of time to appraising the stallion’s training progress and development at multiple points in their early career.  This fundamental change will still allow stallion owners options for following a testing path or a wholly performance-based approval method.

An example of how the licensing and sport testing process would work for a stallion may be as follows*:

  • Age 3: The stallion is presented for licensing.  If accepted, he is granted a 1-year breeding permit to breed mares at age 4.
    (For some registries there is a 2-year permit, for others licensing is conditional upon attendance at the testing. Stallion owners are responsible for understanding the specific rules to their registry(ies) of choice.)

  • Age 4: The stallion would attend a 3-day sport test to maintain a breeding license.  If he successfully passes, then he is granted another 1-year breeding license to breed mares at age 5.

  • Age 5: The stallion attends his second 3-day sport test.  If he successfully passes, then he receives his Lifetime approval.

If a stallion misses a year of the sport test, he would not be granted a license to breed for the following year but could attend the next offered sport test.  Stallions age 7 or older must achieve their sport performance requirements though the traditional sport model of upper level competition results.

*It is up to each registry to set the specific performance requirements for their registries. For example, a registry may require only one year of the NA Stallion Sport Test or may choose to set a minimum ‘passing score’ for their specific registry. Stallion owners need to connect with each registry on their specific licensing and performance requirements.

Source: website NASST


Participating Stallions 2023:


West Coast Stallions – Dressage


    Serupgaards Cezanne

    2019 Danish Warmblood (Torveslettens Sylvester x Romanov)
    Breeder: Heidi Bickham
    Owner: Richard & Linda Nickerson
    Rider: Willy Arts



    2019 Danish Warmblood (Janeiro Platinum x Bon Bravour)
    Breeder: Maria Storup
    Owner: Red Horse Investments
    Rider: Austin Webster


    Orion MMW

    2019 Dutch Warmblood (Totilas x Don Olymbrio)
    Breeder: Merijane McTalley
    Owner: Cassandra Andersson
    Rider: Blair Niemcziek


    Oscar HF

    2019 Dutch Warmblood (Callaho’s Benicio x Krack C)

    Oscar HF

    Breeder: Ingrid Hamar
    Owner: Dynasty Dressage Group, LLC
    Rider: Willy Arts



    2019 Oldenburg (Veneziano x Sir Donnerhall I)
    Owner: Elizabeth Jenkins
    Rider: Elizabeth Jenkins


    Free Solo

    2018 Westfalen (Franziskus x Sandro Hit)
    Breeder: Stefan Kupitz
    Owner: Tisha Green
    Rider: Joseph Newcomb


West Coast Stallions – Jumper



     2018 Oldenburg (Emerald van ’t Ruytershof x Solomon)
    Breeder: Pollyrich Farms
    Owner: Pollyrich Farms
    Rider: Buffy Oas

    Magnum TN

    2017 Dutch Warmblood (Berlin x Stakkato)

    Magnum TN (Picture from NASST 2022)

    Breeder: Team Nijhof
    Owner: Erik Garcia
    Rider: Erik Garcia


East Coast Stallions – Dressage

  • Celestial Ranger

    2019 Thoroughbred (RHF Golden Globe x Twenty-four Kt Gold)
    Breeder: Reed Hill Farm
    Owner: Julie Hagen
    Rider: Cole Horn


    Denmark HTF

    2019 Hanoverian (Desperado x Negro)
    Breeder: Hilltop Farm, Inc.
    Owner: Hilltop Farm, Inc.
    Rider: Michael Bragdell




    2019 Dutch Warmblood (Desperado x Johnson)
    Breeder: J.G.J De Louw
    Owner: Alice Tarjan



    2019 Dutch Warmblood (Kingston x Desperado)
    Breeder: M. Tijssen
    Owner: Alice Tarjan


    Nick of Diamond

    2018 Dutch Warmblood (Toto Jr. x Johnson)

    Nick of Diamond

    Breeder: Barbara Lichtendahl
    Owner: Roxanne Christenson
    Rider: Lindsay O’Keefe


    Romantic Revolution

    2018 Hanoverian Stallion (Revolution x Belissimo M)
    Breeder: Vicky Lavoie
    Owner: Rachael Franks
    Rider: John Amber


    Finnick TGS

    2017 Oldenburg (Ferro x Oskar II)
    Breeder: Amy Denny
    Owner: Amy Denny
    Rider: Austin Webster


    Milo B

    2017 Dutch Warmblood (Glamourdale x Krack C)

    Milo B

    Breeder: W. Busser
    Owner: Milo B Group
    Rider: Emmanuelle Lord



East Coast Stallions – Jumper

    Loukas T

    2018 Holsteiner (Lotus T x Benidetto)
    Breeder: Sydney Frost
    Owner: Sydney Frost
    Rider: Martin Douzant


    Un Heros D’Urano Gouden Bit Z

    2018 Zangersheide (Urano de Cartigny x Chacco Blue)

    Un Heros D’Urano Gouden Bit Z

    Breeder: P. Goossens
    Owner: Kelley Robinson/Karen Forbes
    Rider: Kelley Robinson


    What About Jack

    2018 Oldenburg NA (Westporte x Torrero)
    Breeder: Tara Breuer
    Owner: Tara Breuer
    Rider: Tiffany Catledge


    Mobolensky CM v/d Wolfshoeve

    2017 Dutch Warmblood (Cornet Obolensky x Contender)
    Breeder: J.A.M. Van Der Horst-Meeus
    Owner: Suzanne McCartin
    Rider: Hyde Moffat


    Billy Echo LLF

    2016 Oldenburg NA (Billy Mexico x Defrère)
    Breeder: David Rees Brown
    Owner: David Rees Brown