Members’ Committee 2017 Election Results

October 24, 2017

Members’ Committee 2017 Election Results


Members Committee Election Results:

We are very pleased to announce the results of the 2017 Members Committee Election.

Please join me in welcoming Carly Fisher whose passion and interest in the KWPN-NA organization will be a great asset to the Members Committee.  Also, please join me in welcoming back Susanne Manz onto the Members Committee.  Susanne has already brought great enthusiasm and ideas to the group and we look forward to her continuing input!

Starting in 2018, your Members Committee will consist of the following members:


· Cheryl Mayberry (Canada)

· Kathy Hickerson (US)

· Tracy Geller (US)

· Susanne Manz (US)

· Carly Fisher (US)

The MC would also like to THANK Julie Ballard-Haralson for all her dedication, support and hard work on the MC.  Even though she will not be on the MC starting in 2018, Julie is an active supporter of the KWPN-NA and will still be helping out on various committees and supporting the organization in many other ways!  THANK YOU JULIE!!

The MC looks forward to working closely with the Membership and the Board of Directors to provide the best experience possible for all KWPN-NA Members!

Cheryl Mayberry
Chair, KWPN -NA Member’s Committee