Sales Presentation of Outstanding Dressage Mares

June 1, 2013

Sales Presentation of Outstanding Dressage Mares


Last year, the KWPN regions Overijssel and Gelderland joined forces to sponsor a sale of talented young horses. This year, the regions will offer another sale. On Thursday, July 4th, at CSI Twente, the public is invited to attend a promotional- and sales presentation of four- to six-year-old jumpers.

On Tuesday, August 13th, and Wednesday, August 14th, at the KWPN Horse Days event in Ermelo, breeders and registered parties of dressage mares which received high scores in the inspection will have an opportunity to showcase their mares in front of a large group of potential buyers. The presentation is open to dressage mares ages three through five, which scored at least 75 points for conformation and 80 points for movement in the inspection. Mares which received at least 70 points for conformation and 90 or more points for movement are also eligible to participate.

If you are looking for a talented young dressage mare, the presentation is an excellent opportunity to view high-quality horses in a single day and receive information about them from independent parties. The mares may also be viewed in their stalls throughout the day.

The dressage mares will be showcased in an extensive presentation for potential buyers. Three-year-old mares will be presented in the viewing pen, and the four- and five-year-old mares will be shown under saddle. Professional commentary will be provided by Marian Dorrestijn, a member of the stallion selection committee; Wim Ernes, chef d’equipe and chairman of the stallion selection committee; and Hans van Tartwijk, a breeding specialist.

Videos will be available for viewing in the salesroom on so that those unable to watch the mares live can still get an impression of them. The presentation is not an auction, and the KWPN is not acting as an agent. Buyers may approach sellers directly and negotiate sales themselves.

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