KWPN Offspring Inspections in Renewed Format

April 17, 2013

KWPN Offspring Inspections in Renewed Format


The offspring regulations pertaining to the offspring [foals] evaluation for dressage and jumping stallions has been adjusted to reflect a central offspring evaluation at the new KWPN Center.

This first component of the offspring inspections will feature a group of foals for each newly approved stallion that will be shown at the central location. For this component of the offspring inspection the owners pick the foals to be shown as a representation of their stallion. This means the breeders can quickly get a clear picture of the positive qualities the stallion passes on.

The second component, the ‘at home’ inspection, consists of 25 foals that are picked and linear scored by the KWPN. The linear information will then contribute to the overall offspring evaluation and conformation index of each stallion. Both components of the offspring inspection are required.

(Source KWPN)