Auction for Driving Horses and Harness Horse Foals

June 7, 2013

Auction for Driving Horses and Harness Horse Foals


As part of its sales promotion program, the KWPN will hold its first auction of driving horses and harness horse foals during the KWPN Horse Days event at the new KWPN Center. The auction is scheduled for Monday evening, August 12th, following the conclusion of the KNHS/KWPN Championship for Young Driving Horses and the National Foal Inspection for harness horse foals competing for the Equimax Foal Cup.

Driving horses (all breeding directions) registered for the auction may, but are not required to, compete in the championship. Harness horse foals, however, must be selected for the National Foal Inspection in order to participate in the auction. The auction is open to KWPN-registered horses only.

For more information, please contact René van der Kuil at