KWPN-NA 2021 Virtual Showcase

September 3, 2021

KWPN-NA 2021 Virtual Showcase

Hereby, we present to you:


With the Keuring tour unfortunately cancelled for the second time, we want to offer our members alternatives for promoting their KWPN-NA horses. The online Foal/ Yearling Futurity is one of them, but we also want to offer promotional options for all the other horses. The Virtual Showcase is meant to be an opportunity to show off your NA- bred foals, mares, stallions and geldings on our website and social media platforms.

The only rules are, that the horses need to be KWPN-NA registered and that you are a KWPN-NA member. You can present the horse any way you’d like, with pictures, video or both. Your horse will be showcased on our social media platforms, website and YouTube. It’s also possible to mention “this horse is available” or “looking for a new home”.

Entries can be sent in starting now! Make sure videos are sent in as YouTube links. We will actively promote the Showcase from the 15th of October to the 15th of November. The videos will stay up on our YouTube channel playlist.

Send your entries to:

Disclaimer: Make sure your videos and pictures are of good quality. The KWPN-NA has the right not to publish videos or photos that are not of good quality.