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June 17, 2014

KWPN Foal Auctions


The KWPN supports foal auctions throughout the Netherlands. Each auction employs strict selection practices to ensure buyers quality assortment of foals. The KWPN foal auctions are held annually in August and September.

21 August 2014 – Borculo
National Elite Foal Auction Borculo www.veulenveilingborculo.nl29 August 2014 – Drachten
Starsale Foal Auction

3 September 2014 – Lunteren
Foal Auction Midden-Nederland
www.veulen-veiling.nl6 September 2014 – Deurne
SELL-Deurne Foal Auction

12 September 2014 – Dronten
Foal Auction Dronten
13 September 2014 – Maren-Kessel
Veulenveiling Maren-Kessel www.veulenveilingmarenkessel.nl16 September 2014 – Ermelo
National Foal Auction Prinsjesdag www.veulenveilingprinsjesdag.nl24 September 2014 – Weert
Limburger Sport Foal Auction
www.limburgseveulenveiling.nl26 September 2014 – Dwingeloo
Foal Auction Dwingeloo

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