Report from the Road – Valleyfield Farm Keuring (AB), September 16, 2022

September 20, 2022

Report from the Road – Valleyfield Farm Keuring (AB), September 16, 2022


Report From the Road – Valleyfield Farm (AB)

Date: 9/16/2022
Parkland County, AB
Host:  Ellicia Edgar, Valleyfield Farm
Jury: Bart Henstra & Arie Hamoen

We are BACK!
First stop on the 2022 KWPN-NA Riding Horse Keuring Tour was at ValleyField Farm, in Alberta.  Thank you to our host, Ellicia Edgar and to all our participants.

Please remember, that the jury’s remarks are for a snapshot in the lifetime of a horse.
Not all first premium or ster horses are mentioned in “The Report from the Road”; only those horses that really stand out to the jury.


Jumper Mares for Studbook/Ster:

Ophelia VF – Contefino x NEC Plus  Ultra MGC Leuze (s Darco)
Star, Keur Eligible
Owner/Breeder: Valleyfield Farm
This 3 year old mare is correctly built, sufficiently developed and longlined.  Over the jumps, she is very eager with quick reflexes and take off and very careful.  Of note, she is a maternal sibling to approved stallion, Messenger VF.   Today she becomes Star and Keur Eligible, with a Global Equine Sires Cup score of 81.5.

Ophelia VF by Contefino x NEC Plus  Ultra MGC Leuze (s Darco)


Dressage Mares for Studbook/Ster:

Angel Utopia Ster Sport – TUSCHINSKI x LADY-UTOPIA Ster  (s. Nimmerdor Pref)
Owner: Maile DeGoeij 
Breeder: Y. Copal
This longlined, well kept 17 years old mare competed at PSG.  She has lean legs and could be more muscled in the neck, but she uses the neck well in her active and lightfooted trot.  Today she earns her Keur predicate.

2yr Olds – Jumper:

Penelope VF –  (Messenger VF x Bini-Balou Ster Sport s. Balou du Rouet) 
Owner/Breeder: ValleyField Farm
This young mare is well developed, shows a well shaped and muscled neck, she is somewhat weak in the back, but has correct legs with a good use of hindleg, and an active and powerful canter.  1st Premium

Persuasion SSM – (Cornet Obolensky x Geneva P pork s. Chin Chin)
Owner/ Breeder: Maile DeGoeij
This 2yr old mare is a modern and expressive type.  She is well proportioned with a good topline and correct legs.  Her lightfooted movement could be more athletic and supple. 
1st Premium 

Foals/Weanlings – Jumper:

Sampson VF (Carrera VDL prok x Notorious VF s. Messenger VF)
Owner/Breeder: Valleyfield Farm
This colt is long lined and elegant.  He is well proportioned with a  good topline and croup.  His movement is lightfooted, with a supple trot and  well balanced canter with good use of the body.  1st Premium

Sampson VF (Carrera VDL prok x Notorious VF s. Messenger VF)


Sterling VF (Nickelson VDL x Beausoleil Ster Sport s. Rubens du Ri d’Asse)
Owner/Breeder: Valleyfield Farm
A modern type with a somewhat vertical neck. He has well developed withers and shoulder, correct legs with an active canter and a somewhat vertical use of his neck.  1st Premium


Sterling VF (Nickelson VDL x Beausoleil Ster Sport s. Rubens du Ri d’Asse)


List of First Premiums

Foals/Weanlings – Dressage
Sciolto Remi WF (Le Formidable x Dream Boy) 72/76
Sauternes WF (Morricone x Dream Boy) 70/71
Santanara SSM (Jameson RS2 x Tuschinski) 68/73

Foals/Weanlings – Jumper
Sampson VF ( Carrera VDL x Messenger VF) 78/82
Sterling VF (Nickelson VDL x  Rubens du Ri d’Asse) 76/78
Star Struck (Carrera VDL x Kashmir van Schuttershof) 72/76
Spitfire VF (Carrera VDL x Thunder van de Zuuthoeve) 71/70
Serendipity (Nickelson VDL x Cheetano) 71/70
Sweet Pleasure VF (For Pleasure x Balou du Rouet) 70/70

Yearlings – Jumper
Ravel Bolero (Quidam Blue x Vaultair) 74/72

2 Year Olds – Jumper:
Penelope VF ( Messenger VF x Balou du Rouet) 78/75
Persuasion SSM (Cornet Obolensky x Chin Chin) 80/70
Phylicia VF (Messenger VF x  Rubens du Ri d’Asse) 68/72

STB/Ster Mares 3YO – Jumper:
Ophelia VF (Contefino x Darco) 70/80 Ster, Keur Eligible

STB/Ster Mares 4-7 YO – Jumper:
Notorious VF ( Messenger VF x Cassini II) 70/75 Ster

GES Cup for 3 Yr Olds: (Free Jump)
Ophelia VF (Contefino x Darco) 81.5
O’Harrison (Casallco x Catoki) 76.5
Odette VF ( Messenger VF x Parco) 66.5

GES Cup for 4 Yr Olds: (Free Jump)
Nevertheless VF (Messenger VF x Popeye K) 76
Navigator VF (Messenger VF x Lagrain) 75
Notorious VF (Messenger VF x Cassini II) 72.5


Serendipity (Nickelson VDL x Cheetano)


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