Report From the Road – Six Pound Farm (VA), September 25, 2022

September 29, 2022

Report From the Road – Six Pound Farm (VA), September 25, 2022


Report From the Road – Six Pound Farm (VA)

Date: 9/25/2022
Suffolk, VA
Host:  Tracy Geller & Grant Stearns
Jury: Bart Henstra & Arie Hamoen

We took a scenic drive down the eastern shore of Maryland into Virginia to our next stop,
Six Pound Farm in Suffolk, VA. Surrounded by crops of cotton and peanuts, we enjoyed a beautiful day watching KWPN horses.  Of special note was the presentation of 3 KWPN Jumper mares that have their sport predicate; we were happy to enter them into our studbook!  Thank you to our hosts Tracy Geller & Grant Stearns for putting on this well organized keuring.  Congratulations to all of our participants for a successful day!

Please remember, that the jury’s remarks are for a snapshot in the lifetime of a horse.
First & Second Premium awards are given to horses that exceed and/ or meet the KWPNs high breed standards, and we are grateful to the owners and breeders for showing them to us. Not all first premium or ster horses are mentioned in ‘The Report from the Road ‘, only those horses that really stand out to the jury.


Arie Hamoen, Tracy Geller and Bart Henstra – Picture Credit: Cyndi O Photo


Jumpers for Studbook/Ster 8 YO +:

Vatricia sport
 (Niveau x Patricia Ster Prest s.Burggraaf Pref)
Owner: Tracy Geller, Six Pound Farm
Breeder: J.W. Elburg
This 20 year old mare is long lined, athletic and correctly built. She could be more muscled in her top line but she is light footed in movement. She has her sport predicate already and she enters the studbook earning the ster and keur predicates today, and is our High Scoring Jumper.



Picture by owner


Z. Empress sport – (Judgement-ISF Crown x Idola s. Romeo)
Owners: Tracy Geller & Krista Mann
Breeder: Diane Johnston
This Judgement ISF daughter is well kept for her age with a foal at her side.  She is long lined and has a good top line and body with a correct stance of legs.  Due to her sport record and conformation scores, she is accepted for the studbook and also awarded her ster and keur predicates.  Congratulations!

Golinde D.N. – (Emilion Pref x Nulinde Keur Pref Prest by Jus de Pomme Keur)
Owner: Tracy Geller, Six Pound Farm
Breeder: D. Noordhuis
This Emilion daughter is a correct type, and she is well kept.  She could be longer lined, and has a somewhat sloping croup. A third mare with her sport predicate in jumping, she becomes star and enters the studbook today.  Congrats!

Picture by owner

Dressage Horses for Studbook/Ster 3YO:

Obsessive Dream – (Dannebrog x Evita elite IBOP (dr) D-OC by Rhodium)
Owner : Kelly Coyne
Breeder: Canadream Farm
A well developed, elegant dressage type stallion.  He is well muscled in the topline, has a somewhat sloping croup.  Shows sufficient length of stride in the walk, a trot that is longstrided, with good reach.  He could be more powerful, but is engaged in the hindleg with a canter that is well balanced with sufficient length of stride.  He earns his ster predicate today.  

Obsessive Dream (Dannebrog x Evita elite IBOP (dr) D-OC by Rhodium) – Picture credit: Chelsea Spear Photography


Foals/Weanlings – Dressage:

Sambuka K.F.  – (Gaudi x Diementa CL ster by Tuschinski)
Owner: Yolanda Williamson
Breeder: Lisa Dickman, Kaneques Farm
A long legged and modern type, built uphill with an expressive front and good topline.  He has a clear walk, good technique and suspension in trot with an uphill tendency and sufficient use of body. He shows an active canter with sufficient length of stride. 1st Premium and High score of today’s keuring.  Congrats!

Picture by owner

List of First Premiums:

Foals/Weanlings – Dressage:

Sambuka K.F. (Gaudi x Tuschinski)


Foals/ Weanlings – Hunter:

Swagger SPF (Con Capilot x Niveau)


Foals/ Weanlings – Jumper:

Smolder SPF (Light my Fire x Goodtimes)


Synco de Mayo-FLS (Utopie x Balou du Rouet)


Yearlings – Jumper:

Reveille SPF (Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve x Goodtimes)


2 Year Olds – Jumper:

Philanthropist LJS (Toronto x Landkonig)


STB/Ster Colts 3YO – Dressage:

Obsessive Dream (Dannebrog x Rhodium)

75/75, Ster

STB/Ster Mares 8+ – Jumper:

Vatricia (Niveau x Burggraaf)

75/Sport, Ster, Keur

Z. Empress (Judgement ISF x Romeo)

75/Sport, Ster Keur

Golinde D.N. (Emilion x Jus de Pomme)

70/Sport, Ster

Additional Photos:

Swagger SPF & Vatricia Keur Sport – Chelsea Spear Photography


Smolder SPF – Chelsea Spear Photography


Reveille SPF – Chelsea Spear Photography


Synco de Mayo- FLS – Chelsea Spear Photography


Nova G – Chelsea Spear Photography



SuperSstar SPF – Chelsea Spear Photography


Myxa Cordia MG – Chelsea Spear Photography