Report From the Road – Denver Polo Club (CO), September 28, 2022

October 4, 2022

Report From the Road – Denver Polo Club (CO), September 28, 2022


Report From the Road – Denver Polo Club (CO)

Date: 9/28/2022
Denver, CO
Hosts:  Karen Banister & Heather Sarno
Jury: Bart Henstra & Arie Hamoen

Today we enjoy the beautiful views of the Colorado mountains and KWPN horses! We are grateful to our hosts and organizers, Karen Banister and Heather Sarno. Thank you so much for your hospitality. Congratulations to all of our participants for a successful day!

Please remember, that the jury’s remarks are for a snapshot in the lifetime of a horse.
First & Second Premium awards are given to horses that exceed and/ or meet the KWPNs high breed standards, and we are grateful to the owners and breeders for showing them to us. Not all first premium or ster horses are mentioned in ‘The Report from the Road ‘, only those horses that really stand out to the jury.

Tori Weed Photo

Jumpers for Studbook/Ster 4-7 YO :

Nala CMH(Douglas x Chablis CWF by Calloway CWF)
Owner/Breeder: Karen Banister, White Harvest Farm
The mare,
Nala CMH is well developed, well muscled with a good body. She is somewhat heavy boned, but correct.  She has a powerful canter and a very quick and powerful take off. She is very eager and careful, showing a very good overview for jumping with good technique and bascule. She is also very scopey.  She earns the ster and keur eligible predicates as well as today’s Global Equine Sires cup High score, and High score of the keuring.  Congratulations!

Tori Weed Photo

Magnolia – (Crespo VDL x Phlawless by Pablo)
Owner: Kay Chester
Breeder: Alisa Lask
Magnolia is a correct jumper type.  She could be longer lined but she is well muscled. In her IBOP she displays that she is well schooled;  putting in a solid performance with easy changes of lead, a quick take off, sufficient bascule, and showed good scope over the oxers. Congratulations for a good IBOP score and the ster predicate.

Tori Weed Photo

Dressage Horses for Studbook/Ster 3 YO:

Orlando – (Ferguson x Aqita A ster IBOP (dr) prest by OO Seven)
Owner: Victoria Barr
Breeder: R.M. Vermunt Jr.
This gelding
 Orlando is very well developed.  He is longlined with a long neck, however he could be built more uphill and he has a long hind leg.  His walk and trot are long strided , but could be somewhat more active and carrying.  He has a well balanced and  long strided canter.  He is our High score adult Dressage horse today.  In the IBOP, he put in a decent test, with a good walk and canter, yet he could be somewhat more active.  A passing IBOP  today, Congrats!

Dressage Yearlings:

Rarianne – (Gaudi x Karianne keur IBOP (tp) by Globetrotter sport (tp))
Owner: Jacqueline Craine
Breeder: Dutch Central Stables
A long legged, long lined and modern filly, she is somewhat roached in her topline,but has  lean legs.  She shows a supple walk, a light footed trot, with a sufficiently carrying hindleg and a good front.  Her canter is powerful and long strided.  She First Premium and our High score young dressage today, Congrats!

Tori Weed Photo

Global Equine Sires Cup – 4 YO:

Nuri JHL – (Contendro I x Chablis CWF by Calloway CWF)
Owner/ Breeder: Jason & Heather Sarno, J & H Limited LLC.
This gelding is scopey and athletic, with quick reflexes, and athletic scope.

Tori Weed Photo


List of First Premiums:

Yearlings –  Dressage:

Rarianne (Gaudi x Globetrotter)


Yearlings – Jumper:

Revolutionary CMH (Crespo VDL x Utrillo van de Heffinck)


Two Year Olds – Jumper:

Paloma CMH (Crespo VDL x Utrillo van de Heffinck)


STB/Ster  3 YO – Dressage:

Orlando (Ferguson x OO Seven)

70/75 ster

STB/Ster  4-7 YO – Jumper:

Nala CMH (Douglas x Calloway CWF)

75/85 Ster Keur Elig.

Magnolia (Crespo VDL x Pablo)

70/80 Ster

IBOP – Dressage:

Orlando (Ferguson x OO Seven)


IBOP – Jumper:

Magnolia (Crespo VDL x Pablo)


DG Bar Cup 3 YO:

Orlando (Ferguson x OO Seven)


GES Cup 5/8 YO:

Magnolia (Crespo VDL x Pablo)


GES Cup 4 YO:

Nala CMH (Douglas x Calloway CWF)


Nuri JHL (Contendro I x Calloway CWF)


GES Cup 3 YO:

Oliver Twist JHL (Crespo VDL x Alla’Czar)


Oberon SVE (Sir Sinclair x Widmark)



Additional Photos:

Oliver Twist – Tori Weed Photo

Revolutionary CMH – Tori Weed Photo

Paloma CMH – Tori Weed Photo

Phoenix K.F. – Owner Photo