2013 Iron Spring Farm Keuring Championship Awards

| March 6, 2014

The Iron Spring Keuring Championship Awards recognize the champion and reserve champion Foal and Mature Horse
(three- to seven-year-old stallion, mare or gelding) in all breeding directions.

Izara ISFInvincible P-FBHIntoxicatingIvy League







Elation KF


Falona DG



Dejavu WH



Young Horse Classes

Foals/Weanlings: Dressage

North American Champion
Izara ISF
UB 40 x Watch Me elite sport/dr by Sir Sinclair
Owner/Breeder: Iron Spring Farm, Inc., PA

Reserve Champion
Itolimbria DG
Totilas erkend x Valeska-DG elite by Krack C
Owner/Breeder: DG Bar Breeders, Inc., CA

Foals/Weanlings: Jumper

North American Champion
Invincible P-FBH
Cardento erkend x Rolanda elite by Ahorn pref
Owner/Breeder:  Prima Equestrian, ON

Reserve Champion
Isaac Fig Newton
Bosch Blue x Beasinaa keur by Pyriet
Owner/Breeder:  Doreen & Cindy Orr, Decorr Farms, AB

Foals/Weanlings:  Hunter

North American Champion
Redwine x Bittersweet prok by Inspekteur
Owner/Breeder:  Christine Miller, Oakmont Farm, FL

Foals/Weanlings:  Gelders

North American Champion
Ivy League
Paganini crown x Adessa keur by Koss pref
Owner/Breeder:  Beverley Hilton, Hilton Hall Sporthorses, ON


Studbook Inspection Classes

Geldings & Stallions – Dressage

North American Champion
  Finn  Ster
Jazz pref x Le Diamant ster by Sauvage Diamant
Owner: Diane B. Seddon, Waterloo Farm;
Breeder: Victoria Lamas-Wanner, Greifenstein Farm, PA

Reserve Champion
Fleetwood ISF  Ster
UB 40 x Toraya ster pref by Goodtimes
Owner/Breeder:  Iron Spring Farm, Inc., PA

Stb/Star: Hunter Geldings & Stallions

North American Champion
Elation KF  Ster
Great Pleasure x Raise Your Wings by Present Value
Owner/Breeder:  Kimberlee Von Disterlo, Kimberlee Farms, CA

Reserve Champion
First Mate KF  Ster
Popeye-K x Zadira ster by Great Pleasure
Owner/Breeder:  Kimberlee Von Disterlo, Kimberlee Farms, CA

Stb/Star: 3-7 Yr Old Dressage Mares

North American Champion
Falona DG  Ster, keur/elig
Idocus crown x Satina ster pref by Contango pref
Owner/Breeder:  DG Bar Breeders, Inc., CA

Reserve Champion
  Feikje Balia P.  Ster, keur/elig
Contango pref x Zebalia SHB ster ibop/dr by Flemmingh pref
Owner/Breeder:  Klaas and Mares Vanderploeg, MI

Stb/Star: 3-7 Yr Old Hunter Mares

North American Champion
  Edelwiess-GSH   Ster, keur/elig
Riverman x Just For Fun by Consul
Owner/Breeder:  Sarah A. Shelor, Grassfields Sporthorses, PA

Reserve Champion
  Farandola  Ster, keur/elig
Navarone x Tarantella by Idocus crown
Owner/Breeder:  Sandi Lieb, FL

Stb/Star: 3-7 Yr Old Gelders Mares

North American Champion
  Faith  Ster, keur/elig
Koss pref x Mary Jane ster by Fabricius pref
Owner/Breeder:  A.M. Smit, Bearberry Guest Ranch, AB

Stb/Star: 3-7 Yr Old KHH Mares

North American Champion
 Déjàvu WH  Ster
Horal licensed x Kimberly keur by Renovo pref
Owner: Jonas K. Lengacher; Breeder: Windholme Farm, LLC, VA

Horses must be bred and born in North America. Foals must earn a minimum of 75 points and mature horses must earn a minimum score of 145 points from the KWPN-NA jury. Breeders of champions receive $500 and breeders of reserve champions receive $250 in prize money.


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